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Captain Marvel 2019 Movie Review – “Higher, faster, stronger”

123Movies November 26, 2019

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In a slow spirit, the Abairs are preparing for the crucial battle with a bastard who broke the hearts of our beloved heroes, or Tanosa, and it will come soon. But until then, the audience must be able to introduce the last big piece of the Marvel cinema universe, Carole Denvers, or Captain Marvel (“Captain Marvel”). A heroine who unfortunately joins those, many of whom make early conclusions before the heroine’s full-fledged debut in the cinema. But without delving into social-political themes, this time the story will be about the film itself, its luck and the importance of “Marvel” in the common world.

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Mostly, the lifetime and place of “Marvel” movies have been the present on Earth (or, in the case of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Torah” — somewhere in the depths of space). This time the film takes place in the nostalgia of the 90 s, but the references are miraculously rare and unforced enough not to go beyond their only function – a guaranteed dose of laughter. They go hand in hand with the specific humor we can probably call the Marvel trademark. Music, too, has been chosen wisely, not just the chors of the period in question. Moreover, the stylists have been caught in a special atmosphere – sometimes there is even a feeling that the film has been pulled out of the 1990 s. In good sense, of course.

A trademark of its kind can also be seen as the almost incredibly perfect selection of actors for the rendering of “Marvel” film heroes – from Robert Downey Junior and Chris Hemsworth to the stars of the latest film, Brice Larsson and Ben Mendelson. Here the actress does nothing more and no less than the other masters of the Marvel cinema world – Larsson does the same thing as any other actor would do when she comes to such a very important role for the pop culture and enjoys it entirely. But Samuel L. Jackson, in a respected age (round 70!), really enjoys only the role of Agent Nick Fury, who later, of course, transforms into the director OF S.H.I.E.L.D. and the chief associate of the Assabers. With a slightly less serious and more buoyant character, as well as the help of the more modern specialized and skilled frame assembly, some 30 years are dropped for the real age of the actor.

Human traits are nothing new in our beloved characters, but in the case of Carol Denver they are in more natural, sensuous, mundane ways. In particular, there is a mutual friendship between Denver and Fury, which, in the course of the story, occurs organically, both face common challenges. It is also important to have a house in which Denver’s girlfriend, Maria, and its occupiers. In the course of this film a desire to be called a shrine – in which the characters of the film are immersed in shared memories and establish closer interrelations, becoming a kind of family.

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The story of the film follows a traditional formula with turns that come here and there. The beginning is unconventionally embarrassing, yet given the destination as well as the heroine’s intricate and places-conflicting past, the choices of film screenwriters can be forgiven. Also, it is helpful that both Larson and Jackson, and even a cat called the Goose film, could easily be raised and held on their shoulders alone (and then Ben Mendelssohn, in the role of Sroll Talosa). Fans of the saga will also be excited by unexpected answers to long-awaited and important questions, as well as playfully passing questions.

American independent cinema authors Anna Bouden and Ryan Flek (“Half Nelson”, “Mississippi Grind”) were selected for film directors and screenwriters. As you know, the voices of “Marvel” cinema in general, and the authors of “Disney” commercial film, are mostly the next place behind a well-planned plan of global conception, although they have sometimes managed to go outside more vividly than otherwise. This time, unfortunately, neither the success story of James Ghana (salt to wounds, sorry) nor the success story of Taika Vaititi – at least not yet. The world view of the directors of “Captain Marvel” is seen here and there. In some places, you can see an inspired operator’s work, and there is a classical cinema reference elsewhere. If Kevin Faigi knows what he is doing, (and everything suggests he knows very well) Bouden and Flek will not leave the wing of Disney soon.

“Captain Marvel” is a carefully shaped adventure of the world of Marvel cinema, perhaps intended for an obvious audience, but in a limited area, it is enjoyable to all viewers. Despite a bumpy start, when the film’s performance comes to Earth, everything quickly stands in its places, the story gradually turns into a lively, energetic and vivid adventure film, culminating in an end that introduces hope throughout – from its strengths to the outcome of the rematch on April 26. All along, the best cinema franchise gives us another antidote to bad weather.

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