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Good Boys 2019 Movie Review – “Boys Fail”

123Movies December 18, 2019

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The sixth class is likely to have been remembered as a very bright and great time (and, if so, congratulations, almost all laws tend to have exceptions). You’re not a kid anymore, and you’re not a full-fledged “adult” who would bring some freedom with you, including not taking any nonsense to your forehead. On the one hand, wants to stay at home and play card games with the best dudes, but on the other, the lure of going to the bustling party is great even though there is no idea how to bustle.

It is not exactly this simple period of life – sixth grade – the new comedy “Good Boys”, which is certainly meant for those who have already left this stage of life in the past – although the main characters of the film are 11-12-year-olds, they should not, ironically, really watch this film. because the rating is “under 16 years old we don’t recommend” (a literature retreat – in such situations I always remember Errih Kestner’s “Two Loads”, in which the writer mentions that poor Shirley Temple could also film in various Hollywood movies but not watch them because it was too young).

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The trio of friends of the Good Boys, the self-defeated “Bean Bag Boys” (because, as you certainly guess, they all have seated bean bags), have been the best dudes since childhood and boldly intend to face the new sixth-grade challenges. Each of them, of course, is a little different — Max (Jacob Trembleigh) has only girls in his head, Torah (Brady Nun) in agony, an internal battle over how to fit into the society of the young, without abandoning the things he likes, while Lucas (Keith L. Williams) has to deal with the separation of his parents. But most importantly, in the end, everyone should get to the bustling party, whatever.

If the film, by its structure and plot lines, looks very much like the Superbad that came out more than a decade ago, you won’t be wrong. While “Good Boys” is Gina Stuphnickie’s debut in gridlock, the film has been produced by the greatly known team of Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, who have been responsible for both “Superbad” and “This Is the End” and “Sausage Party” and others. the one that we remember was seen in one of the key roles in “Superbad”). Goldberg and Rogen’s style of “The Good Boys” shines like splashy fingerprints on a black computer screen that suddenly illuminates, repeating not only one of Superbad’s synoptic moments.

But while the structure used is familiar, “Good Boys” culls their place under the sun with their specific identity – a great deal of merit in it is, of course, that the protagonists are boys whose naivety and ignorance about various obscene and child-unsuitable things will make viewers well informed, loud, to laugh, and to sigh with relief, we don’t think so much about it. And, of course, seeing Tremblee spitting “f-balls” with his angelic face is also massive enough (though the joke “petty swears” gets tedious the fastest).

“Good Boys” is also very pronounced at the moment, a film made in this year’s reality – it has its minuses (the number of films recently seen, whose story plays an important role in drones), but it also has very marked benefits. If we look back at the same Superbad, then it should be said that if the film came out today, some of the jokes would probably not seem any more ridiculous. “Good Boys” is, of course, not only a joke balancing on the edge of good taste, but the film also has pleasant surprises – for example, though inevitably with jokes, but speaking wisely about respect for the expectations of the other person in relations (there IS also hope that today’s children will grow into decent adults). The film also manages to talk heartily and slightly melancholy about friendship links and how they change when we change ourselves – the curves of life are unpredictable and can take even the best friends along different paths.

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The success of the film must be accompanied by a central trio whose friendship links are easy to believe. Among the three friends, Trembleigh is undoubtedly the most familiar of all, which must be said to have played a relatively uninteresting role in the film – a bigger surprise for Nūn, who can sing out of his heart during the film, and Williams, who is a real character servant, will be understood by anyone at that age who was afraid of breaking a single rule.. Since the first violin in this film is played by petty ones, at the end of adults, the roles are more episodic, but the film isn’t too excited by loud “cameo” personalities. For a moment Will Forte appears in the film as the father of Tremblee’s rendered hero, and one of the British makers of “The Office” is also seen in a small role, the comedian Stephen Merchant, while fans of the “Veep” series will appreciate the episodic Sam Richardson (a.k.a. ‘Richard T. Splett. Don’t know why I said “T”, my middle name’s John”) role. Don’t expect Rogen, Hill, or any other characters of “Supergribou” to appear – “Good Boys” at the center are the good boys who deserve the full attention of the viewers.

The sixth grade is not an easy time, but the Good Boys come with a reassuring message – no matter how crazy you go, everything is survivable if you have good friends and you let you follow where your heart tells you to go. Everything will end well, and then after several years you can sit in the cinema room and laugh at the misery of future generations of young people who are no longer affected by you.

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