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Joker 2019 Movie Review – “Send In a Clown!”

123Movies December 2, 2019

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It must be acknowledged that since the film was approved, there have been concerns about the quality of the film until the evening of viewing – the director of the “Hangover” trilogy is making a serious comic film about the image of Joker, which will not follow the normal traditions of this genre. Can the result be anything better than mediocre? As it turns out, you can, besides, how else can …

“Joker” (“Joker”) tells the story of Arthur Fleck (Vaccine Phoenix), a clown and failed comedian trying to survive in the depressed Gotham metropolis. He spends his day watching the Murel Franklin show and dreaming that he would take part in it once. Unfortunately, Arthur has a disorder of behavior that makes him laugh and cannot stop until he is relaxed, so he tends to get into awkward situations.

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The plot, though not too original in the cinema spectrum as a whole, is atypical comic cinema. While there have been several films focused on bastards or antiheroes (“Venom,” “Suicide Squad,” “Punisher”), the main image of “Joker” is viewed more personally and allows for an emotional connection with him. In interviews, the film’s director, Todd Phillips, mentioned that the Joker story was inspired by films such as Taxi Driver and King of Comedy, as well as the themes of poverty and prosperity discussed in the film could be seen in Christopher Nolan’s recent Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises.”

The Joker’s biggest trump is Waxin Phoenix – he can show both the human and sadistic side of the image. His Joker is closer to Heath Ledger’s Joker than Jared Leto had with his interpretation of the same image – a man transformed not by an encircling in a mixture of chemical waste, but by society. At the same time, he makes the image sufficiently different – Waxin Joker is more attractive (for example, to express his feelings, he sometimes begins to dance). Robert De Niro, who is very well represented by a charismatic negotiator, should also not be forgotten. The rest of the actors are not lucky enough: they have less time in the film, which prevents them from being fully involved in their roles.

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Another factor that should be highlighted is music. It was written by the Icelandic composer Hildura Gudnadotira, known as “Chernobyl”, one of this year’s best series, the author of the soundtrack. Her compositions capture very well the image of Joker, his tragic nature, and the most brutal moments of the beautiful film.

What the film might be accused of is by ducking the already familiar Batman comic elements into the plot. The film director has said that the “Joker” story is something entirely new and unrelated to the comic world, so it seems a little strange that he has chosen to show many things he has already known and many times played in his film, which ultimately makes it a little awkward.

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