Skins 2007 123movies

Skins 2007 123movies

Jan. 25, 2007
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Seasons and episodes

1Season 1 Jan. 25, 2007
2Season 2 Feb. 11, 2008
3Season 3 Jan. 22, 2009
4Season 4 Jan. 28, 2010
5Season 5 Jan. 27, 2011
  • 5 - 1
    Franky Jan. 27, 2011
  • 5 - 2
    Rich Feb. 03, 2011
  • 5 - 3
    Mini Feb. 10, 2011
  • 5 - 4
    Liv Feb. 17, 2011
  • 5 - 5
    Nick Feb. 24, 2011
  • 5 - 6
    Alo Mar. 03, 2011
  • 5 - 7
    Grace Mar. 10, 2011
  • 5 - 8
    Everyone Mar. 17, 2011
6Season 6 Jan. 23, 2012
7Season 7 Jul. 01, 2013

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#123movies #fmovies #putlocker #gomovies #solarmovie #soap2day Watch Full Series Online Free – Series One and Two focuses on a group of British teens trying to grow up and learn about love and life with little adult supervision (and lots of PARTYING). Sid tries to be everyone’s friend and usually ends up on the short end of the stick. He is mostly manipulated by best friend Tony, whose girlfriend Michelle he is in love with. Tony is one to try anything once, including every girl he meets. He manipulates not only Sid and Michelle but anyone else who will let him. Anwar is just looking to lose his virginity, and though he is Muslim, it rarely stops him from partying excessively. Gay and popular friend Maxxie is along for the ride, while trying to pursue his dream of being a dancer and actor in London. Cassie, an anorexic basket-case, is in love with Sid, who overlooks her time and time again. Straight-laced Jal wants to focus on her musical ambitions. Plot: Irreverent comedy drama which follows the messy lives, loves, delirious highs and inevitable lows of a group of raucous teenage friends in Bristol.
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Spoiler-free review of the first six series
What’s it all about?

A group of British teenagers living edgy lifestyles while being ignored by authority. Not as bad as it sounds.

Overall qualities:

+ has more than a few good young actors – actually, some of them are brilliant;

+ cinematography is great;

+ writing is much better than what you’d expect;

+ doesn’t talk down at its audience;

+ a lot of thought is put into the soundtrack;

+ a lot of complex characters.

Overall structure of the show:

Each series (or “season”) has eight to ten episodes. Each episode focuses in one character (occasionally two) or in the whole ensemble. The show changes its main cast every two series. The first series of each generation is introductory and aims to bring depth to each main character while still advancing parallel plot lines. The second series of each generation is always (always) darker and aims to deconstruct and change characters and established relationships by making them go through complicated (and sometimes extreme) situations.

Review of each series and each generation:

* series one –

It’s a very well-constructed series, consistently great from beginning to end. The major setbacks are very few and far between. I could say with some confidence that if you disliked this series, the show just isn’t for you, and you can probably stop watching. The episodes show the lives of each character and what sets them apart from their group of friends. Incompetent authority and neglectful parenting are recurring themes.

* series two –

This one is more complicated. As I said before, the second series of each generation is always darker, and this series follows that rule, albeit to a lesser extent than the other even series that follow. In my opinion, it’s just as well-constructed as the previous one, and possibly even more emotionally poignant, but not everyone approves of the shift to more dramatic plots. New themes include death, acquired disabilities, stalking etc.

* overall view of generation one –

The first generation has two big qualities that the other two lack: great ensemble dynamic and consistently great writing, both from beginning to end. It’s the fan favorite generation for a reason.

I know this makes the other two generations not look so good, but read on.

* series three –

As a lot of people know, the only links this generation has to the previous one are Effy and Pandora, who were minor characters throughout series one and two. The new characters take a bit longer to find their footing when compared to the old ones. This series is good overall, if you ignore the stupidity of a certain episode, and there are some genuinely brilliant moments. Questionable parenting and neglectful authority are still recurring themes, along with complicated and potentially dysfunctional relationships.

* series four –

Another complicated series. It’s even darker than series two and, therefore, even more controversial. Some of the themes are death, mental disorders, cheating etc. But the real problem with this series, in my opinion, is that there is a huge contrast in quality between episodes. There are eight of them: four are amazing and four are either so-so or just plain bad. The messy structure and the rushed ending can be explained by an unexpected budget cut – they had to fit ten episodes into eight. Watch it with a grain of salt, appreciate it when it’s wonderful and try not to rage when it’s awful.

* overall view of generation two –

It is mostly good, occasionally wonderful, and then the budget cut – and a few other things – happened. Try not to compare it to generation one too much. These are very different characters.

* series five –

I’ve seen a lot of hate towards this one. Most of it stems from attachment to the previous generations, I think, and also because the characters here are very different from the others, as in their lives are not as “edgy”, and a lot of people think the absurdity is the charm of Skins. If you get past that and embrace new, interesting takes on old textbook themes, you might like it. It is, in my opinion, the best series out of the six. It is wonderfully structured and written, and I have very few complaints about the choices the creative team made – they managed to bring depth to each character while still developing an interesting ensemble dynamic. Identity is the big theme here.

* series six –

Ironically enough, this might be the worst series. And not as in, “slightly worse than the worst series so far”, but as in “much worse than the worst series so far”. I have a lot of issues with the general direction they took with this one; to me, it seemed like they were being dark (darker than series two or four) for the sake of being dark, and some story lines were just plain unnecessary, while others felt like rehashes. Believe me, if you dislike the first episodes, you might as well just stop watching altogether, because it gets worse. Guilty over the death of a loved one is the theme here.

* overall view of generation three –

Everything was better than all that came before, and then series six happened. Watch series five and pretend that “Everyone” (5×08) was the generation three finale.

Moral of the story:

Watch series one to five and embrace new characters as they come.

Let’s hope series seven will bring Skins some of its dignity back.

Review By: amandaceleste Rating: 8 Date: 2013-01-04
An alternative opinion
I’ve tried really hard to like Skins, I really have, but time after time I find myself cringing at the elements of Skins which are (in an exaggerated fashion)reflective of everything the average British teenager secretly despises. No, really.

Sex: yes, teenagers want to do it. We get it. The idea that most teenagers are A)entirely comfortable with it and B)expert lovers from the get-go is as destructive as teenagers being led to believe that real sex is porno-like though. The average teenager is terrified (read: ‘shrivel-dicked’ or ‘closed’) at the idea that Skins represents what they should be achieving in their love life.

Drugs: yes, teenagers want to experiment with them. We get it. If you were an impressionable teenager, chilling out watching Skins, wouldn’t you feel altogether uptight on your drug experiences for only occasionally puffing a spliff while the characters of Skins knock back pills like tic-tacs? Intellect: have the writers of Skins really talked to many teenagers? Considering Skins sells the idea of realism, it would be easy to misinterpret Britain’s teenagers as the most articulate and pseudo-freudian in the Western world from watching an episode. For the most part teenagers simply don’t talk like that, can’t talk like that and those that try fail to understand entirely what they’re saying. I apologise to the poor few who do. While this isn’t as destructive as telling our teenagers they should be Ron Jeremey-esquire or mixing pills in with their Sugar Puffs; do we really need a generation of pretentious, self-righteous cynics? Delve deep enough into the average older teenager in Britain (especially the teenagers who watch Skins) and they’ll tell you just how threatened and left out they feel at being expected to be a ‘Skins Kid’.

Skins can be entertaining when it doesn’t get lost up in a jumble of cluttered ‘hip’ dialogue, self-important themes and utterly farcical narrative. It’s a shame the idea of ‘realism’ is highlighted, because Skins is passable as a raunchy, late night soap opera about young people. Our younger generation just need to understand it as that.

…and for your information, I do fall under the target audience (just about) and I realise not many people will find what I’m saying ‘useful’, but I had to say my piece.

Thanks for baring with my rant!

Review By: Flaccid_Panda Rating: 4 Date: 2008-03-27

Other Information:

Rated TV-MA
Popularity 38.355
Original Language en
Original Title Skins
Total Seasons 7
Released 17 Jan 2011
Runtime 46 min (UK)
Release Year 2007–2013
Genre Drama
Director N/A
Writer Jamie Brittain, Bryan Elsley
Actors Kaya Scodelario, Nicholas Hoult, Joe Dempsie, Hannah Murray
Country UK
Awards 7 wins & 31 nominations.
Production Company N/A
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix Dolby Digital
Aspect Ratio 1.33 : 1, 1.78 : 1, 16:9 HD
Camera N/A
Laboratory N/A
Film Length N/A
Negative Format Video (HDTV)
Cinematographic Process N/A
Printed Film Format N/A

Skins 2007 123movies
Skins 2007 123movies
Skins 2007 123movies
Skins 2007 123movies
Skins 2007 123movies
Skins 2007 123movies
Skins 2007 123movies
Skins 2007 123movies
Skins 2007 123movies
Skins 2007 123movies
Original title Skins
First air date Jan. 25, 2007
Last air date Aug. 05, 2013
Seasons 7
Episodes 61
Average Duration a:5:{i:0;i:44;i:1;i:46;i:2;i:47;i:3;i:50;i:4;i:60;} minutes

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