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Gunsmoke 1955 123movies

Kick Me

Watch Full Series Episode on #123movies. Episode Overview – Harry Bent and Fred Myers just robbed the bank in Wichita. Harry and Fred’s wife, Jennifer, plan on running away together.

Fred followed Harry after they split up and overheard their plans. He plugs Harry. Fred tells Jen they’re going to Dodge to open a dress shop. Fred writes a letter for Tobeel, the indian guide Harry hired, to get a job with a cattle drive. The letter says this indian is a liar, beggar and a thief. Tobeel constantly stands in front of the dress shop. Fred complains about Tobeel to Matt. Jen tells Kitty she’s scared, but not of Tobeel. Jen is stabbed with Tobeel’s knife. Fred says no question who did this. Tobeel and Fred had fought. Matt arrests Tobeel. Matt finds a Wichita Milling Company sack in Fred’s wagon. Matt takes Tobeel over to the Long Branch and gets him a drink. Tobeel says there was two men one was asleep. Matt the the bartender to tell Chester I’m ready. Matt tells Fred, Tobeel is a Kiowah. The don’t stab, they throw a knife. Tobeel
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Gunsmoke: Episode 2 Season 18
Jan. 26, 1957 123movies