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Cross of Iron 1977 123movies

Cross of Iron 1977 123movies

Captain Stransky, you are the rest of my platoonJan. 29, 1977132 Min.
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#123movies #fmovies #putlocker #gomovies #solarmovie #soap2day Watch Full Movie Online Free – In 1943, in the Russian front, the decorated leader Rolf Steiner is promoted to Sergeant after another successful mission. Meanwhile the upper-class and arrogant Prussian Captain Hauptmann Stransky is assigned as the new commander of his squad. After a bloody battle of Steiner’s squad against the Russian troops led by the brave Lieutenant Meyer, who dies in the combat, the coward Stransky claims that he led his squad against the Russian and requests to be awarded with the Iron Cross to satisfy his personal ambition together with that of his aristocratic family. Stransky gives the names of Steiner and of the homosexual Lieutenant Triebig as witnesses of his accomplishment, but Steiner, who has problems with the chain of command in the army and with the arrogance of Stransky, refuses to participate in the fraud. When Colonel Brandt gives the order to leave the position in the front, Stransky does not retransmit the order to Steiner’s squad, and they are left alone surrounded by the enemy and have to fight to survive.
Plot: It is 1943, and the German army—ravaged and demoralised—is hastily retreating from the Russian front. In the midst of the madness, conflict brews between the aristocratic yet ultimately pusillanimous Captain Stransky and the courageous Corporal Steiner. Stransky is the only man who believes that the Third Reich is still vastly superior to the Russian army. However, within his pompous persona lies a quivering coward who longs for the Iron Cross so that he can return to Berlin a hero. Steiner, on the other hand is cynical, defiantly non-conformist and more concerned with the safety of his own men rather than the horde of military decorations offered to him by his superiors.
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Cross of Iron 1977 123movies 1 Cross of Iron 1977 123movies 27.5/10 Votes: 25,172
Cross of Iron 1977 123movies 3 Cross of Iron 1977 123movies 275%
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Cross of Iron 1977 123movies 7 Cross of Iron 1977 123movies 26.9 Votes: 225 Popularity: 10.597


A Military Favourite
I can’t add much to these reviews except to comment that I’ve found this film to be a great favourite among real soldiers. I once got to deliver the classic line to a Major and a Captain about hating all officers. Luckily(?) they knew I was quoting from the film!

I’m not bothered about the assortment of accents in the cast (that others have mentioned). It seems to me that if you believe in their situation and have immersed yourself in the film, as it was easy for me to do, then you don’t even notice them after a while. I would argue that the cast (in terms of dialogue) in Private Ryan is far more of a problem, since these seem to be 1990s guys transported back to 1944 and are far too ‘knowing’. Moreover, in Private Ryan I kept stepping back from the film feeling that I was simply being manipulated by the director. COI is far more chilling. I really liked (if that’s the word) a scene where an artillery explosion killed both Germans and Soviets. Kind of emphasises the ‘war is hell’ message without preaching or being manipulative.

I think Steiner is one of the greatest military characters ever to appear on film (for what its worth, Gregory Peck as Savage in Twelve O’Clock High, and Jeff Daniels as Chamberlain in Gettysburg are also up there). I must say I didn’t really like the ending, but I can’t suggest a better one, but as an alternate “ending” I would certainly recommend that people *do not* see the awful sequel ‘Sergeant Steiner’ with Richard Burton(!) as Steiner.

Review By: vimhawk Rating: Date: 2004-09-02
Germany against all!
This is the first time I have, eager to ‘know the enemy’, not given a damn about the feud with the ‘Axis’ warriors of the World War II and have watched a film — regarding the position of the opposing force. What affected my choice, was, perhaps, the current situation, when, with the outbreak of the most recent war, I have been getting more and more uneasy about the thought, that the previous war was, in fact, far less unambiguous than the banal cliché ‘Great Partiotic War’, what we call it in Russia meaning homespun truth: ‘we had been under attack — so we stroke back’. In actual fact, the USSR just certainly participated in the most awful war of all time. And that was participation to full capacity, our land was lucky to have so much human and economic resources, that, paying little attention to casualties and even speaking about colossal casualties need with a plump ‘YES’… In the both world wars’ history there were neither the right nor the wrong, neither the defenders nor the aggressors, neither the conscientious nor the deceitful. What there were, was just overcrowded battlefields and tremendous massacres due to the super-powerful military blocs’ confrontation. And Germany was against all. It is not just German propaganda! Because saying that Japan and Italy sufficiently helped the Reich to achieve, by 1942, impressing spreading over the larger part of Europe, from Norway, France, and Greece, eastwards to the Lower Volga, — would be, quite sure, a hypocrisy. The Germans (there is no denying their fantastic fighting spirit and self-denial), under their Führer, Hitler, an Austrian himself actually, would indeed approach the Superpower status — only to be eventually pulled up and occupied by the wartime allies whose coalition, however, dissolved shortly after. The former have gone down in history as the monstrous evil fanatics, tormentors of peoples, and what of it? image of the enemy (especially of the shattered one) is likely to be demonised, and since the war was the most monstrous one, the demonisation was likely to reach the unparalleled extent. Jews, alas, have always been destroyed; antisemitism has still not ceased to exist. Shootings of civilian population and property destruction by advancing or retreating troops used to take place on any war and still does. When the war was over, the German and the Japanese rulers were dismissed and they were in the dock, accused of ‘war crimes’, but that was because the winner is always right and judges the beaten. Just a decorum of diplomacy. I even wonder why so many people still believe that was really a holy violence and a fair trial. And the current war, Donbass war, must wipe out the rose-coloured view of victory in the anti-Nazi war, as Nazism then was not a simple and unambiguous enemy, and there was no deathnail for it then. Today, some heavy-metal songs from the turn of the 1980s and 1990s are extremely topical again. As they describe bombing; warn that just as decades ago the Nazi Germany recarved the map of Europe, sparks of crematory fire of death camps are still visible; narrate the stories of hirelings of dirty tricks and monkey business. In fact, I, just a teenager that time, foresaw that revanchism, that came up in our pluralism age together with any other ‘dissenting opinions’, would lead to no good… But the Germans are just the ones who least of all stick to their demands in this regard! And the world is lucky to have SUCH Germans today, as otherwise, it might be a World War III with once more ‘Germany against all’ – and doomsday! However, Germany at the moment needs revanchism like one needs a hole in the head. Who eulogise it, are rulers of Eastern European states as it is a safe bet of giving up everything that connects with Russia, the parent state, and that is none of Germany’s business. But how are we Russians going to solve the current pending problem, — that is the challenge. We would be lucky to have the majority once again, as in 1941, been convinced of being victorious: ‘victors need never explain’… But what if not?..

Having grounded the significance and topicality of this film, I am going to describe its advantages. This old film measures itself against many modern war films as well as it is still thrilling-to-watch. Almost no ‘tall tale’ but striking accent when meeting almost any Russian characters (bit parts). Why not involve Russians in auding. There have always been millions of those abroad (‘Iron Curtain’ is also just a cliché shown to the best advantage by certain circle, isn’t it?). The female unit episode is certainly a shocksploitation, but there is a black sheep in every flock. And why, the Western filmmakers showed the Soviet female warrior not just as an abusive woman who immediately laid her arms down and gave in to the Germans. Instead, this composite character is shown as a female hero who combats the enemy many times superior, ready to sell her life and honour dearly…

But the Germans are main characters here. They are neither protagonists here, nor those who are praised and white-washed. We see them such as they must have been on that war. Soviet posters showed them next to trench rats with arms round each other, and quite similar to each other, and that was not just propaganda. No military bearing in the war: it is at the parade where a fighter is clean-shaven, and wears full-dress uniform, and is in blanched boots! While in trenches, even the question of insignia is often of no importance. (Because an officer who keeps subordination too zealously takes chances to have his own soldiers got rid of him). So some exclusively brave Wehrmacht soldiers would wear trophy Red Army garments, give higher commanders a piece of mind, pardon Soviet captives and even exchange defeatist views, wishing Hitler himself ‘kaputt’!

Review By: papasergey Rating: 9 Date: 2015-08-06

Other Information:

Original Title Cross of Iron
Release Date 1977-01-29
Release Year 1977

Original Language en
Runtime 2 hr 12 min (132 min), 1 hr 59 min (119 min) (USA)
Budget 6000000
Revenue 0
Status Released
Rated R
Genre Drama, War
Director Sam Peckinpah
Writer Julius J. Epstein (screenplay), Walter Kelley (screenplay), James Hamilton (screenplay), Willi Heinrich (based on the book by)
Actors James Coburn, Maximilian Schell, James Mason, David Warner
Country UK, West Germany
Awards 2 wins & 1 nomination.
Production Company Terra Filmkunst, Radiant Film GmbH, EMI Films Ltd., Jadran Film, Incorporated Television Company, Rapid Film
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix Mono
Aspect Ratio 1.66 : 1, 1.85 : 1
Camera N/A
Laboratory Technicolor, London, UK
Film Length 3,618 m (West Germany), 3,635 m (Sweden)
Negative Format 35 mm (Eastman 100T 5254)
Cinematographic Process Spherical
Printed Film Format 35 mm

Cross of Iron 1977 123movies
Cross of Iron 1977 123movies
Original title Cross of Iron
TMDb Rating 6.9 225 votes

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