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Godzilla 2014 123movies

Godzilla 2014 123movies

The world ends, Godzilla begins.May. 14, 2014123 Min.
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#123movies #fmovies #putlocker #gomovies #solarmovie #soap2day Watch Full Movie Online Free – In 1999, the Janjira nuclear plant was mysteriously destroyed with most hands lost including supervisor Joe Brody’s colleague and wife, Sandra. Years later, Joe’s son, Ford, a US Navy ordnance disposal officer, must go to Japan to help his estranged father who obsessively searches for the truth of the incident. In doing so, father and son discover the disaster’s secret cause on the wreck’s very grounds. This enables them to witness the reawakening of a terrible threat to all of Humanity, which is made all the worse with a second secret revival elsewhere. Against this cataclysm, the only hope for the world may be Godzilla, but the challenge for the King of the Monsters will be great even as Humanity struggles to understand the destructive ally they have.
Plot: Ford Brody, a Navy bomb expert, has just reunited with his family in San Francisco when he is forced to go to Japan to help his estranged father, Joe. Soon, both men are swept up in an escalating crisis when an ancient alpha predator arises from the sea to combat malevolent adversaries that threaten the survival of humanity. The creatures leave colossal destruction in their wake, as they make their way toward their final battleground: San Francisco.
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Godzilla 2014 123movies 1 Godzilla 2014 123movies 26.4/10 Votes: 380,072
Godzilla 2014 123movies 3 Godzilla 2014 123movies 276%
Godzilla 2014 123movies 5 Godzilla 2014 123movies 262/100
Godzilla 2014 123movies 7 Godzilla 2014 123movies 26.2 Votes: 6708 Popularity: 197.697


OK, let me start off by saying that the new Godzilla is definitely an entertaining movie and well worth the price of an admission ticket. That is – so long as you go into it with popcorn-level expectations. Now, it has to be said that the bar, since the most recent attempt by Roland Emmerich in 1998 (which was hilarious at best) wasn’t set particularly high, to say it nicely. So in all honesty, with today’s budget and special effects, it never had big chance of being that bad. But I have to admit, judging from the trailer – I thought it would be better.

It starts off pretty good. There is proper story build-up and character lay-out. Where we are – what’s happening… It’s all there. In fact, the story revolving around the main characters is pretty dramatic from the get-go. Death in the family, trauma leading to obsession over finding the truth surrounding the circumstances. Bryan Cranston is impressive as the family father and science guy. He just knows something is up concerning some big beastie and he won’t let up until he figures it out. That is – if he gets the chance. Something happens around one third into the movie that is a pivotal turning point in the story. I knew this immediately when it happened and in the end I realised that I had been correct.

From this point on, it’s out with the story and in with the action. An almost mind-numbing, pummelling assault of non-stop action. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying it’s a lot less interesting than it could have been.

Here’s the deal: instead of just one Big Monster, they bring in three. One Godzilla, and two huge insect-like creatures that are only designated as MUTO (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Object). Seriously, they couldn’t come up with a proper name? And instead of Godzilla being the big threat to mankind, the MUTO are. In fact, Godzilla turns out to be the good guy because he’s the only one that can defeat these insect creeps. This story line is factor one in the reason that this movie isn’t what it could have been. Factor two is the plot point that these creatures all feed on nuclear energy instead of “manburgers”. Consequently, the only real threat they pose is the massive destruction they cause in big cities (and obviously, the human lives that become casualties by default). It’s because of this that there is never any real sense of threat or danger. They don’t hunt us, they don’t care about us. All they want is nuclear energy and a place to breed. What’s worse is, these MUTO take screen time and attention away from the monster who’s supposed to be the main antagonist and namesake of the movie! It might as well have been called “Big Creepy Insects” instead of “Godzilla”…

In the end, what we’re left with is billions of dollars worth of collateral damage and a big-ass monster who’s really kind of a nice guy. Weird.

Still, it’s certainly not bad. Aaron Taylor-Johnson does his best at looking very serious and all grown up since his Kick-Ass days, although I am certain that this is definitely one of his less compelling roles. The problem is that from the 1/3 turning point that I mentioned, his character becomes very formulaic and cliché. Our hero even shares an intimate moment of eye contact with Godzilla in the end… Aww.
_(May 2014)_

Review By: DoryDarko Rating: 7 Date: 2017-02-21
**Fundamentals, reception.**

1. American/Japanese live action feature length film, 2014, PG-13, 123 minutes, science fiction, action, thriller. The spoken word is in English, with some sub-titled Japanese.
2. IMDB: 6.6/10.0 from 239,012 audience ratings.
3. Rotten Tomatoes: 74% on the meter (average 6.6/10); 67% liked it from 171,052 audience ratings.
4. I saw this film off DVR from Cinemax.
5. Directed by: Gareth Edwards.
6. **Starring**: Bryan Cranston as Joe Brody, Ken Watanabe as Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, Juliette Binoche as Sandra Brody, Sally Hawkins as Dr. Vivienne Graham, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Ford Brody, Carson Bolde as Sam Brody, David Strathairn as Admiral William Stenz, Elizabeth Olsen as Elle Brody.
7. Demographic targets: Godzilla fans, action fans, international market.
8. (from Box Office Mojo) Estimated production budget, 160 million USD. Estimated gross revenue as of 01jan2015: States, 200.7 million USD (38%); overseas, 328.0 million USD (62%).

**Setup and Plot**

1. In the opening sequence, Joe Brody, his wife Sandra and son Ford are in Japan. Joe and Sandra work at a project that aims to contain some unexplained phenomena involving huge amounts of energy and a partially buried large object. The object turns out to be living, breaks much of the containment apparatus, and causes widespread tragedy. A heavier blanket of secrecy is applied.
2. Jump forward to the present. Ford is grown up, is in the US armed services, and has a wife Elle and son Sam in San Francisco. Ford gets a call from Joe, then goes to Japan to get him out of jail. While Ford helps out Joe, the object (a ‘muto’) revives, breaks free this time, and flies away, leaving even more destruction and death than in years before.
3. A second, larger muto awakens in Nevada. The two mutos are tracked by the US Navy, which is now actively involved. The mutos’ activity awakens Godzilla from his long slumber in the Pacific.
4. Ford and Dr. Serizawa are drawn into the military’s quest to contain the mutos. Elle and Sam are at risk as the three giants converge on San Francisco.


1. True to tradition in Godzilla movies, human activity is depicted as futile. Most human efforts against giant monsters have no noticeable effect. The rest of our efforts catalyse the monsters to rain down more destruction on human cities and military personnel.
2. In a few of the many Godzilla films I have seen, a child is rescued, or a trapped helpless person is released. But for each such action, thousands of human lives are lost, and tens of billions of dollars of real estate value are zeroed out. The contrast accentuates the helplessness of the human race against forces it cannot control and never will control.
3. In a slight departure from what I’m used to in the Godzilla universe, a human being does something that will make the survival of the human race more likely. Watch the film; you can’t miss it.
4. Godzilla causes a huge amount of property damage and loss of life, though not nearly as much as the mutos cause. The case could be made that Godzilla in this film, as in many others, is indifferent to the fate of the human race. He does in the mutos in order to get back to his snooze beneath the Pacific.
5. **One line summary:** Godzilla saves humanity from the mutos in an 8 minute appearance.
6. Three stars of five.


1. **Cinematography**: 8/10 Some of the SFX were cheesy, but most were fabulous.
2. **Sound**: 7/10 Few complaints. I could hear the dialog. The music was not too irritating.
3. **Acting**: 6/10 Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe, Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn, and Sally Hawkins were fine in their limited roles. Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s performance was both boring (beginning) and believably heroic (toward the end), so I ended up liking him.
4. **Screenplay**: 6/10 The director stayed true to the franchise, but with updated SFX and a few other adjustments. The holes in the plot, though, seemed endless.

Review By: clyde e collins Rating: 6 Date: 2015-03-22
An Enjoyable Action Romp That Restores The Franchise’s Original Glory
In 1998, Roland Emmerich attempted to reignite the eponymous film franchise by creating the critically-panned flop ‘Godzilla’, 16 years on and we are now faced with one of the best adaptations of the iconic monster’s adventures. Gareth Edwards created ‘Monsters’ in 2010 on a mere budget of £500,000, barely 4 years on and Warner Brothers offered him the chance to create a $160 million adaptation of ‘Godzilla’. All the aspects from ‘Monsters’ are employed in this action/sci-fi adventure, but on a much grander scale. This is a treat for all Godzilla fans and a very respectable adaptation that stays true to the 1950s Japanese classic rather than wandering away like Emmerich’s one did. Packed with stunning cinematography, vast special effects and a sweeping spectacle of giant monster battles, ‘Godzilla’ has been a fantastic start to 2014. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s performances are outstanding and there is a certain chemistry that makes their relationship that bit more believable. Whilst at time there are some cheesy and over-the-top scenes, ‘Godzilla’ is nonetheless an enjoyable action romp that restores the franchise’s original glory.
Review By: CalRhys Rating: Date: 2014-05-18
A Tedious, Heartless Film
For fans of monster movies, “Godzilla” was surely one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Therefore, the most surprising thing about Godzilla is not how empty the story is, but rather how little there is of the monster in the movie after which it is named.

The plot in “Godzilla” is disposable. It only exists as an excuse to unleash the film’s titular character. However, is it too much to ask for an original plot with characters we could care about? Here, the back story is cliché-ridden and the characters simply serve the function of moving the story forwards. As such, one would expect that Godzilla is at least given ample screen time. Surprisingly, this is not the case, and the majority of the film’s focus seems to be on the military attempting to find out how to kill Godzilla and the MUTOs, which look like giant, angry cockroaches. Ultimately, it is left up to the score and the Michael Bay-esque dub-step reminiscent sound design to create tension.

Its almost futile to talk about the performances in the film because despite the strong cast, the characters are so one-dimensional that nobody delivers a memorable performance. Bryan Cranston and Juliette Binoche do their best with the little screen time they are given, and the couple of Aaron-Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen are given the impossible task of creating interesting characters from the uninspired script. More worrying, however, is how unnecessary Sally Hawkins’ character is and how the script manages to make Ken Watanabe look like a second-rate actor, as his character rarely changes expression from the looks of intense thought or surprise.

Overall, “Godzilla” did not work for me at all. Not only is it a film without heart, but it a film meant to thrill that ends up just being tedious. I could have left halfway through the movie. I just didn’t care how things would turn out.

Review By: rasmushelms Rating: 3 Date: 2014-05-28

Other Information:

Original Title Godzilla
Release Date 2014-05-14
Release Year 2014

Original Language en
Runtime 2 hr 3 min (123 min)
Budget 160000000
Revenue 529076069
Status Released
Rated PG-13
Genre Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director Gareth Edwards
Writer Ishirô Honda (based on the character: Godzilla, owned and created by), Takeo Murata (based on the character: Godzilla, owned and created by), Shigeru Kayama (based on the character: Godzilla, owned and created by), Dave Callaham (story by), Max Borenstein (screenplay by)
Actors Aaron Taylor-Johnson, CJ Adams, Ken Watanabe, Bryan Cranston
Country USA, Japan
Awards 7 wins & 31 nominations.
Production Company Legendary Pictures
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix Dolby Atmos, SDDS, Datasat, Dolby Digital
Aspect Ratio 2.39 : 1
Camera Arri Alexa Plus 4:3, Panavision Primo, C-Series, PVintage, ALZ11, ATZ, AWZ2 and Panavised Cooke 10:1 Zoom Lenses
Laboratory DeLuxe (prints), Fluent Image, London, UK, Technicolor (color) (digital intermediate)
Film Length 3,365.26 m (6 reels)
Negative Format Gemini 4:4:4
Cinematographic Process ARRIRAW (2.8K) (source format), Digital Intermediate (2K) (master format), Panavision (anamorphic) (source format)
Printed Film Format 35 mm (Fuji Eterna-CP 3514DI), D-Cinema (also 3-D version)

Godzilla 2014 123movies
Godzilla 2014 123movies
Godzilla 2014 123movies
Godzilla 2014 123movies
Godzilla 2014 123movies
Godzilla 2014 123movies
Godzilla 2014 123movies
Godzilla 2014 123movies
Godzilla 2014 123movies
Godzilla 2014 123movies
Original title Godzilla
TMDb Rating 6.2 6,708 votes

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