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Headspace 2005 123movies

Headspace 2005 123movies

Evil has many faces.Sep. 18, 200589 Min.
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#123movies #fmovies #putlocker #gomovies #solarmovie #soap2day Watch Full Movie Online Free – 25-year-old Alex Borden is handsome, charming, and intelligent. In fact, he may be too smart for his own good, as his life is swiftly becoming a living hell. Alex’s nightmare begins when he meets Harry, a mysterious artist and chess-master. Alex becomes alarmed when his intellect mysteriously begins to grow, and so do the horrors that invade his nightmares–and soon his waking hours. Long-suppressed memories surface and Alex must face the terrors of his violent past, a vanished older brother, a father who abandoned both his sons, and a mother who was viciously murdered. The visions intensify and he starts getting intense headaches that ultimately cause him to black out. But it is only the beginning of Alex’s calamity. Friends and neighbors are disappearing, and people are whispering rumors of a serial killer. Menaced from all sides by the forces of evil, Alex must overcome his past and contain his own deadly urges so he can hopefully discover what demons, both real and imagined, are stalking him.
Plot: 25-year-old Alex Borden’s chance encounter with a mysterious stranger has found his intellect rapidly expanding, but as the power of his mind grows so too does the mystery of a brutal series of murders. Now, as the killer seems to set his sights on Alex, the frightened genius must use his newfound brain power to put an end to the mayhem once and for all.
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Strange But Watchable Indie Monster Movie.
“Headspace” is a strange little creature feature that I decided to give a rent when I saw it at the video store. The film centers around Alex Borden, a normal guy in his mid-twenties living in New York City. While Alex may appear to be normal, but his life is slowly spiraling out of control. After meeting a mysterious artist/chess-master, Alex begins to gain more and more knowledge and becomes smarter and smarter, to the point where it’s no longer for his own good. Something is causing him to tap into a different region of his brain, and he suffers from horrible headaches and night terrors because of it. After being referred by Dr. Bell (Dee Wallace-Stone, of “The Hills Have Eyes” and “E.T”.), Alex visits a psychologist, Karen (the lovely Olivia Hussey, of “Black Christmas” and “Romeo and Juliet”), who studies patients similar to Alex. But soon after, people around Alex begin to die in horrible ways, all murdered by a savage, unseen beast. Is any of it related to Alex’s troubled childhood? Or what really is happening to him?

I mainly decided to rent this film because, 1) the cover art was creepy, and the back of the box had nothing but praise for the film, and 2) Olivia Hussey and Dee Wallace-Stone were listed in the cast. While the film wasn’t a complete waste, it wasn’t wonderful either. The storyline to the film may sound interesting, and I thought it did myself. While it is interesting, it’s also a little bit cloudy and some things are far too unclear, left without any explanation at all. The problem with this is that these elements in the story need some type of explaining, because otherwise they make little to no sense. The plot is a little convoluted, but this film does have some good offerings too. The cinematography is nice and stylish, and the creature in the film is presented realistically. It’s normally difficult to make a monster movie where the monster itself is presented in a way that doesn’t throw all logic out the window, and this film succeeds at that. The monster isn’t too overdone and it’s believable enough.

There is quite a good amount of gore in the film as well, there’s more than plenty of monster mutilations to please all of those gore hounds. The film boasts a mildly impressive cast, including two well-known actresses in the horror genre. The lead, Christopher Denham, who plays Alex is convincing in his role as the troubled young adult. Dee Wallace-Stone has a fairly small role as a doctor, and is also excellent in her short on screen time. And Olivia Hussey, who starred as the lead in my favorite horror film of all time, “Black Christmas”, plays Alex’s doctor/friend. She is given very little to work with, but she is also wonderful in all of her scenes (which also wasn’t a whole lot, I would have liked to see her a little more often). The film’s surprise ending caught me off guard, and while it took me a minute to understand what had happened, it was a fitting way to conclude the story.

All in all, “Headspace” is a just about average monster movie. It’s not too overdone and is far from being corny, but the plot becomes a little cloudy at times and is hard to follow on some occasions. It does boast some very good actors though, and plenty of monster-murders for anyone who enjoys a good creature feature. I’d say it’s about average, but I have to admit it was better than I was expecting. Trust me, there’s much worse out there. Worth a rent if you’re into this kind of stuff. 5/10.

Review By: drownnnsoda Rating: 5 Date: 2007-03-04
Incorrectly classified as a slasher
“Headspace” is such a disappointment for such a cool premise.


Following a traumatic childhood experience, Alex Borden, (Christopher Denham) is troubled by serious headaches as an adult, which even Dr. Ira Gold, (William Atherton) his assistant Dr. Denise Bell, (Dee Wallace-Stone) or psychiatrist Dr. Karen Murphy, (Olivia Hussey) can solve. As he attempts to make ground on his prognosis, even with long-lost brother Harry Jellenik, (Erick Kastel) he is still tormented by his visions. When a killing spree begins with his friends being killed, he begins to think he has something to do with it, until he finds that a dark secret buried with him from his younger days has come back to haunt him, and he races to control the secret before it breaks out and more of his friends are killed.

The Good News: There isn’t a whole lot here that’s any good. Some of the kills in the film are fantastic. The opening death is quite exquisite, and is made all the sweeter by the fact that the killer is that close to them, and that it happened right in front of kids. There’s something pretty twisted about having two children see a person take a shotgun round to the face. It’s the single best scene in the film. The other kills aren’t that bad either, including an especially messy one where a clawed arm breaks forth from the stomach and reaching up, clawing up the face and removing skin. It’s hard to top the opening kill for brutality and overall impact, but that one really comes the closest. The brief shots of the monster give it a wonderful Lovecraftian vibe to it, and being a costume and not a CGI creation make it all the better. The other thing about this that’s really interesting is the main premise. It’s pretty original and very creative, mixing two genres that have very little in common together and making an honest attempt at incorporating them together. Otherwise, this was a sadly disappointing effort.

The Bad News: This is a really disappointing film. One of the biggest crimes is the sudden experiences of exponential growth in the powers of his intellect that fail to impress. He is able to memorize entire books in seconds and answer questions before they have been asked, but simply, they don’t do much of anything to incite fear. Those are incredibly dull experiences to classify as being horrific and really fail to excite. The other big important mistake was that they actually showed the monsters from another dimension in clear and lingering views in good lighting, which is a bad choice. There has never been a good visual representation of a Lovecraftian monster because they are more terrifying in our heads, but when they are on screen, they loose all their power. This is quite disappointing, since it really had this going in the right direction for a long time, showing only the reactions of someone looking at the horrifying paintings. Instead of showing the monster eating one victim’s head, it would be from the POV of an observer peeking around the corner, able to see only twitching feet. That kind of suggestive technique is exactly how the film should have proceeded. After all, the story is not really about the monsters but about the madness and fear those monsters induce in the humans who sense their presence. Unfortunately, the feeling that to represent the monsters physically was a mistake. Anther thing that hurts it is that it tries to be too smart for its own good. It throws a lot of information out in an attempt to explain why they are having the visions and what’s happening, but in an effort to explain as much as possible while also trying to leave just enough out for interpretation, it ends up that you get both too much information and not enough. It’s explained why his visions were triggered, but not how. It touched on it but not enough to quench it. There are times when ambiguous works, and this is not one of them. These make it a really disappointing film, when it had so much going for it.

The Final Verdict: A really disappointing film that had a cool premise, but it ultimately suffers from several different problems that drag it down a notch. It’s decent enough for a viewing, as these won’t keep you from enjoying it any less, as they are fundamental problems rather than physical, so if it sounds intriguing, give it a shot.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, a strong sex scene, Nudity and drug use

Review By: slayrrr666 Rating: 6 Date: 2007-01-27

Other Information:

Original Title Headspace
Release Date 2005-09-18
Release Year 2005

Original Language en
Runtime 1 hr 29 min (89 min), 1 hr 24 min (84 min) (director’s cut), 1 hr 35 min (95 min) (International)
Budget 0
Revenue 0
Status Released
Rated R
Genre Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Director Andrew van den Houten
Writer Troy McCombs, Steve Klausner, William M. Miller
Actors Christopher Denham, Sean Young, Larry Fessenden
Country United States
Awards 1 win
Production Company N/A
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix Dolby Digital
Aspect Ratio 1.78 : 1 (DVD aspect ratio), 1.85 : 1
Camera Arriflex Cameras
Laboratory Heavylight Digital, USA (prints), Moving Images, New York, USA
Film Length N/A
Negative Format 16 mm (Kodak)
Cinematographic Process Digital Intermediate (master format), Super 16 (source format)
Printed Film Format 35 mm

Original title Headspace
TMDb Rating 5.3 30 votes

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