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The Holy Mountain 1973 123movies

The Holy Mountain 1973 123movies

Nov. 29, 1973114 Min.
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#123movies #fmovies #putlocker #gomovies #solarmovie #soap2day Watch Full Movie Online Free – A Christlike figure wanders through bizarre, grotesque scenarios filled with religious and sacrilegious imagery. He meets a mystical guide who introduces him to seven wealthy and powerful people, each representing a planet in the Solar system. These seven, along with the protagonist, the guide and the guide’s assistant, divest themselves of their worldly goods and form a group of nine who will seek the Holy Mountain, in order to displace the gods who live there and become immortal.
Plot: The Alchemist assembles together a group of people from all walks of life to represent the planets in the solar system. The occult adept’s intention is to put his recruits through strange mystical rites and divest them of their worldly baggage before embarking on a trip to Lotus Island. There they ascend the Holy Mountain to displace the immortal gods who secretly rule the universe.
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The Holy Mountain 1973 123movies 1 The Holy Mountain 1973 123movies 27.9/10 Votes: 37,740
The Holy Mountain 1973 123movies 3 The Holy Mountain 1973 123movies 283%
The Holy Mountain 1973 123movies 5 The Holy Mountain 1973 123movies 276/100
The Holy Mountain 1973 123movies 7 The Holy Mountain 1973 123movies 27.7 Votes: 540 Popularity: 9.321


Art – Don’t Blame the Messenger!!!!
Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain is worth seeing once in a while. Not because it’s difficult to figure out (it really isn’t, unless you insist on figuring ALL of it out at once). But because you will be seeing a different movie each time, as your own perspective, mood and life changes.

Holy Mountain is a meticulously made work of cinematic art. It is simultaneously a brilliant absurdist farce, a cynical satire which lampoons religion and capitalism, an affirmation of faith, an indictment of humanity for its cruelty, ignorance and greed and a celebration of life and the human spirit. Who and where you are will determine your interpretation, so don’t blame Jodorowsky! He’s just the messenger.

Ostensibly, the film is about a fantastic spiritual journey undertaken by an apparently psychologically disturbed young man who looks a bit like what many Christians believe Jesus to have looked like. This young man begins his journey with insects swarming his face. He is either dead or passed out. Some naked children find him and decide to crucify him for fun. He yells at them (incoherently) and they run away. He then meets an amputee with just a couple half-limbs who becomes his friend for the beginning of the film.

This describes the first five or so minutes of the film’s plot. Although the film remains somewhat linear and simply plotted from this point to it end, it also draws deep on all manners of symbolism, mercilessly pokes fun at Christianity, its exploitation and its commercialization, and even throws in some pop-Buddhist concepts accompanied by a prophet with a talent for Jiu Jitsu. The entire crucifixion story is repeatedly portrayed, but with levels of absurdity that would probably have some Americans calling for its censorship today.

Later, our protagonist will embark upon an apparently meaningless quest to climb the Holy Mountain with ten powerful companions. Though likable enough, the hero of the film is neither a hero nor a clearly developed character. His (at least) neurotic behavior, his uncertain sense of justice and sometimes animalistic approach to events make him a difficult character to like, but you will feel compelled to follow-through simply to discover what bizarre reality he will encounter next.

Holy Mountain has some of the most impressive sets and surreal to psychedelic imagery I have seen in films of its vintage. Its soundscaping and soundtrack is also very impressive. The amount of dialog is refreshingly minimal, which also helps the director keep his audience focused on what the film does with sound and vision.

Although the film is gorgeous, sensitive viewers should be aware that there is some fairly disturbing imagery in this film. It is meant to be watched while wide-awake and receptive, but strong.

You can find all sorts of meanings in this film. You can label the film many different things. And you can understand it in whatever way works for you. But please do not make the mistake of thinking you’ve got it right or that your interpretation is anything but your interpretation. Holy Mountain, like many works of film art, does not work that way.

Highly recommended for intellectuals, connoisseurs of film art, and those who enjoy cult films. Definitely not recommended for those who approach film solely as a means for entertainment, and not recommended for a first date (unless the couple has a strong intellectual bent and an interest in film).

Review By: mstomaso Rating: 7 Date: 2007-08-22
The Holy Mountain is a Unique and Surreal Masterpiece!
The Holy Mountain is one of those films that can be enjoyably watched multiple times. I’ve personally seen it four times and plan to see it many more. The experience of watching this film is a lot like getting a day to explore an entire country. Perhaps an exaggeration, but this film really is that complex in my opinion. Not solely because there is so much information thrown at you in each scene, but because almost every aspect of the film can be interpreted multiple ways. Another word that I’d use to describe The Holy Mountain is surreal. Some of the scenes in this movie, especially the ones in the first twenty minutes, make you feel like you smoked a bushel of weed and then turned on the history channel. It’s an experience that can be found by watching no other movie than this one(or at least that I’ve seen). There are just so many details that can slip right by you on the first or second watch. Some I assume, I have not discovered yet.

One thing I really want to stress is that this isn’t a pretentious ‘artsy’ film that takes itself way too seriously. In my opinion this film knows exactly what it’s trying to be, and doesn’t feel too condescending or pretentious at all. As I give you a summery of what I think the plot means just remember that this is my personal interpretation of the film, and could change the next time I watch it.

The film starts out with Alejandro Jodorowsky, as the alchemist, preforming some type of cleansing ritual on two women. He strips them of their cloths, hair, makeup and all cosmetic parts of themselves. On my first watch it was hard to understand what Jodorowsky was trying to convey here, but eventually I found my interpretation. The cosmetic aspects of the two women that are stripped away change their appearance. Much the way that these two women are stripped of what gives them beauty and hides their natural appearance, society is stripped of what hides its true appearance. In other words the film is showing us what society looks like without its artificiality. The society we get from this is very symbolic of how society functions. Keeping this in mind, we carry through the rest of the movie.

The thief or Christ-like character lays barely alive in a desert. A man with no arms or legs finds him and tries to wake him up. This represents how the spark of religion is created in the minds of people who suffer greatly in life, or are not mentally strong enough to carry on without some sort of meaning. This is shown by the way that the amputee obviously struggles to walk by himself but does much better on the Christ-like figure/religion’s back as shown later. The weak person and the concept of religion are natural friends of each other. What this amputee represents is not stupidity, but the desperate need for guidance in life.

A group of boys come along and carry the thief up a hill and fashion him to a cross. The group throws rocks at the thief until one hits him in the head, finally waking him up. He angrily scares the group of boys away, throwing rocks at them. He is about to throw one at the amputee but is offered a joint which makes him settle down. The amputee kisses him on the head and the thief starts to laugh as the two discover their friendship together as previously discussed.

The next scene is quite a mouthful. There are so many emotions and so much information conveyed in each shot that it’s literally impossible to take it all in with only one watch. The thief’s laughter gets louder and carries over to this scene as he walks with the amputee on his back through the streets of a town in Mexico. Surrounding him are mothers ironing blood stained clothing, citizen’s being executed, piles of bodies, and soldiers carrying crucified dogs on sticks. Rich people are simultaneously surrendering to the army and taking enjoyably pictures of the executions at the same time. A crowd of poor citizens stands to watch all of this unfold. As the thief laughs with the amputee on his back this represents how all the tragic and atrocious events around him bring the people of earth closer to religion. He is the thief after all, stealing the minds of the citizens of the world and filling them with hope, but also falsehoods and more importantly leverage that can be used to make profits later(this makes more sense to me as the alchemist tells the Christ-like figure that he is a thief of earth, just like there is a thief for each of the other eight planets). The crowd of rich and poor people represents how the world views a war with so many causalities like this. The poor people stand back an awe, disgust or apathy, while some of the rich people look at it with clear enjoyment. This could possibly symbolize how many rich people often make tons of profits off of war or just simply like how unaffected their families are by wars like this, as opposed to poor people who often lose sons and fathers from war(I’m not trying to say all rich people are evil here, I just think the rich people in this scene represent some of the evil in the real world). The women ironing the blood stained clothing represent how families are helpless, watching these wars unfold that often lead to the deaths of a loved ones. It’s important to note here that each time these citizens are executed birds fly out from their wounds, this similar to a later scene where Axon and his followers “kill” a group of protesters. I still haven’t thought about this enough to give you a confident answer, but I think the birds may represent how a nature thrives the more humans are killed, because we are burden to this earth. That might be a perspective that compares strangely to the rest of what I said but it’s my best explanation right now.

As the rich people take pictures with the corpses a soldier walks over to one of the rich women and begins to have sexual intercourse with her. A rich man gives his camera to the thief so that he can take a picture said man standing by the women and guard having sexual intercourse. This scene and the scenes before make a statement about humanity: If something can be turned into media or entertainment, it has value in society. It’s also a little creepy how slimier the rich man’s actions are to the way that we use our smartphones today. The same way that he got his picture taken by the two people having intercourse, some people today feel the need to record absolutely every aspect of their life so they can show it to their friends, so that they can say “I was there when this happened”. The same way that the rich man would show that photo to his friends we might post a photo of ourselves standing by a famous statue or showing a photo of some car wreck we saw, ultimately asking for likes or just attention.

After those graphic and powerful shots the thief and amputee arrive at a circus-like setup where the conquest of Mexico is reenacted with toads and lizards. The thief helps out the other people in charge of the lizards and toads. It’s important to note that one of these handlers of the toad and lizard ‘circus’ wore a top hat with a swastika on it(I don’t currently have a full answer for the symbolism behind this). This scene is just another example of how society values anything that can be turned into entertainment. As the people watch and give the thief and the others money for the performance, I remind myself that this crowd represents all people of the world and how we justify entertainment with our money. The conquest ends in explosions and blood, and the crowds cheers.

The thief approaches a shop manned by Romans with the sign that says “Christs For Sale”. Small dolls of looking like Jesus are briefly seen for sale. The shop has a cross which the thief begins to carry with the help of the amputee. The Romans realize that he is the spitting image of Jesus Christ and get him very drunk. Eventually he passes out and they use his body in a mold to fashion hundreds of life-size wax Christ figures. Eventually the thief wakes up in a room with these wax figures and becomes furious, realizing what the Romans did. He takes a whip and begins to assault the Romans with it(this is particular shot is a reference to a biblical story where Jesus destroys a marketplace and whips people because they decided to set up shop in a holy temple meant for worship). The thief proceeds to destroy the wax figures in the room with rage. Eventually he just lays there a wax figure that he hasn’t destroyed yet. To me, this scene represents the commercialization of Christianity and its modern profit driven nature. One interpretation I had of this scene was that the thief was showing how a real life Jesus would react to today’s version of Christianity(not saying that all of Christianity has become corrupt, because clearly there are good Christians. However there have also been multiple recorded instances and articles on how many priests/pastors live in mansions and are rich off of donation money. Another example of the commercialization of Christianity is how mega-churches pass the trays out every Sunday even when many of them could clearly pay their bills with what they already have. The most irrefutable example of this is the way that Christianity is so entangled and woven into politics. Some politicians say “God” ten times in every speech they give and yet most Christians would argue that their actions are very antithetical to what the church teachers. Huge tangent here, but I had to explain my personal thoughts).

A group of prostitutes look at statue of Jesus Christ. They exit the temple and walk outside where they stand there, looking for new consumers. There is an older women and a young girl in this group. This represents how some people are born into and die in their line of work.

I would keep going but I seem to have run out of words…

Review By: sezeglin Rating: 10 Date: 2018-06-20

Other Information:

Original Title La montaña sagrada
Release Date 1973-11-29
Release Year 1973

Original Language es
Runtime 1 hr 54 min (114 min)
Budget 750000
Revenue 0
Status Released
Rated R
Genre Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Director Alejandro Jodorowsky
Writer Alejandro Jodorowsky
Actors Alejandro Jodorowsky, Horacio Salinas, Zamira Saunders, Juan Ferrara
Country Mexico
Awards 1 win & 1 nomination.
Production Company ABKCO Films Inc., Producciones Zohar
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix Mono
Aspect Ratio 2.35 : 1
Camera N/A
Laboratory N/A
Film Length N/A
Negative Format 35 mm (2-perf)
Cinematographic Process Techniscope
Printed Film Format 35 mm

The Holy Mountain 1973 123movies
The Holy Mountain 1973 123movies
The Holy Mountain 1973 123movies
The Holy Mountain 1973 123movies
The Holy Mountain 1973 123movies
The Holy Mountain 1973 123movies
Original title La montaña sagrada
TMDb Rating 7.7 540 votes

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