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The Invitation 2015 123movies

The Invitation 2015 123movies

There is nothing to be afraid of.Aug. 05, 2015100 Min.
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#123movies #fmovies #putlocker #gomovies #solarmovie #soap2day Watch Full Movie Online Free – Will and Eden were once a loving couple. After a tragedy took their son, Eden disappeared. Two years later, out of the blue, she returns with a new husband… and as a different person, eerily changed and eager to reunite with her ex and those she left behind. Over the course of a dinner party in the house that was once his, the haunted Will is gripped by mounting evidence that Eden and her new friends have a mysterious and terrifying agenda. But can we trust Will’s hold on reality? Or will he be the unwitting catalyst of the doom he senses?
Plot: Will and his new girlfriend Kira are invited to a dinner with old friends at the house of Will’s ex Eden and her new partner David. Although the evening appears to be relaxed, Will soon gets a creeping suspicion that their charming host David is up to something.
Smart Tags: #dinner_party #old_friend #suicide #death_cult #shooting #stabbing #deception #suspicion #husband_wife_relationship #premeditated_murder #hiding #title_directed_by_female #lantern #victim_invited_to_dinner #conspiracy #poisoned #lunatic #mass_murder #false_pretense #twist_ending #evil_cult

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The Invitation 2015 123movies 1 The Invitation 2015 123movies 26.6/10 Votes: 95,663
The Invitation 2015 123movies 3 The Invitation 2015 123movies 289%
The Invitation 2015 123movies 5 The Invitation 2015 123movies 274/100
The Invitation 2015 123movies 7 The Invitation 2015 123movies 26.5 Votes: 1821 Popularity: 15.893


The Invitation incites audiences to attend the most anxiety-inducing dinner party ever. Grief. The melancholic turmoil of loss. A catalyst for unwanted prominent personality alterations that change the very fabric of who we are. Each individual experiences sorrow and subsists through a variety of different methods. Some forgive and forget. Others harness the inability to progress, experiencing a stumbling block of anguish as they continually inflict psychological suffering upon themselves. It is irrefutably the most difficult emotion to overcome, and can overwhelm the strongest of personalities. Kusama’s thrilling episode of ‘Come Dine With Me’ gradually explores the weight of life itself, simply by allowing a group of long-time friends the chance to discuss such a topic. Yet, what enables Kusama’s slow-burn thriller to elevate itself into the top echelon of effective profoundness, is its simplicity.

There are no extravagant plot devices. No sublimely utilised twists. And certainly no misplaced character conveniences. By equipping grief and depression as a manifestation of the narrative, Kusama was able to demonstrate her incredibly astute direction through natural plausibilities. Will, portrayed accurately and captivatingly by Marshall-Green, exhumed indications of paranoia. A heightened consequence of his raging anguish. Constantly questioning the actions of other characters, such as locked doors, barred windows and unknown guests, he assumes the role of the audience’s perception. We, as the viewer, examine and query each character reveal and emotional complexity simultaneously to Will’s interrogative persona. He, essentially, is us. Instantly allowing viewers to relate to him in this unusual circumstance.

Something is not right with this dinner party. He feels it. We feel it. But his instincts are muted by the other guests, naturally due to his heightened state of sorrow, in order to maintain a civilised appearance. That, right there, is the representation of depression. Forced to hide what we really are enduring, with despondent thoughts circling our synapses. It’s abundantly intelligent on Kusama’s part, who elevated the screenplay to the stratosphere of uneasy, anxiety-inducing storytelling. With the assistance of Shore’s cinematography, constantly blurring the outskirts and backgrounds of frames to enhance personable abandonment and solitude, Kusama hosted one of the most engaging dinner parties I’ve ever attended. Inviting a naturally diverse cast of actors, ranging from different ethnicities to sexual orientation, who inhibit their own character qualities.

An array of components culminating in a third act that switches from first gear to a gear with incalculable speeds. The wine was served, my heart rate increased. I required a towel, I was sweating that much from anxiety. Ignoring the last minute of the feature, which was an eye-rolling moment to say the least, a slow-burn thriller such as this utilises a substantial amount of foreshadowing as its narrative device. Unfortunately, it is inescapable. However, Hay and Manfredi do their utmost best to keep the conversation flowing during times of prognostication. Shapiro’s score is also worth mentioning for its sharp string-based chords that increase the chance of sweaty palms.

The Invitation, from the offset, is an incredibly simple thriller. Games are played, wine is served and a few arguments are bound to occur. However, if you cut through Kusama’s simplistic exterior, you’ll find an extraordinarily intelligent dinner party that evokes a powerful emotional connection. Just, y’know, think twice before accepting an invitation…

Review By: The Movie Diorama Rating: 8 Date: 2020-01-16
This film was a very nice surprise for me. I didn’t know much about the plot, which helped.
Right from the start you are increasingly presented with atmospheric stimuli that help to increase the overall tension for the story. The photography and the sounds and the acting might seem off putting for some, but for me it all worked well together.
You start to **get** what is going on and to **think** you know what is going to happen, and they make you doubt yourself…
Very intense film that kept me very entertained and I highly recommend.
Review By: teix Rating: 9 Date: 2016-07-24
Great Suspense early on and a Solid Climax
The Invitation will certainly go down as a hidden gem in the thriller/horror genre in the coming months. It was recently released on VOD with damn near no publicity so hopefully word-of-mouth will save this movie. So far it is a critical hit (over 90% on Rotten Tomatoes) and was a hit at the numerous film festivals it premiered at months ago.

LMG plays a damaged man who has been through a lot in his life and is still grieving for his past mistakes. He and a few others get invited to a mysterious dinner party where things go from normal to strange very, very quickly. But the interesting thing is only one character (LMG) seems to see the strangeness while everyone else is laughing it up and enjoying the night. It’s interesting because he isn’t afraid to speak his mind about how he feels the night is going and what he finds ‘strange’. But the sad part is, he’s seen as a damaged soul so his outbursts are immediately dismissed. It’s the subtle clues he notices (something as basic as a drinking game or a bottle of expensive wine) that make The Invitation suspenseful. Tiny clues that leave you guessing that something larger is at play, which may or may not be the case.

To say anything more would be potentially spoiling the movie, and with most movies, it’s the ending that makes or breaks a movie and this one is no different. The ending is well worth the wait, so if you are a fan of suspenseful movies, this is one of the years must see thrillers.

Review By: MattBirk Rating: 8 Date: 2016-04-11
If You Hear Cult, Run: The Invitation
At the suggestion of a friend, I checked this movie out a few days ago, and what a great suggestion it was. Holy sh*t. It was intense. I kid you not from the very first scene I was uncomfortable, nervous and sweating. Although that probably has more to do with my over-productive sweat gland. My own bodily functions aside, this movie is fantastic.

The premise is simple enough. A group of old friends reunite after two years for a dinner party in the hills outside LA. These friends suffered a falling out after a tragedy befell two of them, a couple Will, played by a guy trying his best to look like Vigo Mortensen, and his ex-wife Eden, played by some creepy psycho lady. Returning to the place of the tragedy, his Eden’s old house, Will brings a new girlfriend to the dinner party. The party consists of half a dozen or so couples. Eden is living in the old house and married a second husband, named David. He is played by the recast Dario Naharis, and sorry to Game of Thrones book hardos he still doesn’t have a yellow mustache nor does he rock a blue beard.

Two mysterious friends of David’s join the old group of friends. Pruitt, played by that fat bald-middle aged actor your 100% going to recognize but won’t be able to name, and Sadie, the very definition of don’t stick your dick in crazy, even though she’s gorgeous enough to make you think twice and decide its totally worth it how bad could it be, then you end up with a broken computer and frozen chicken all over the floor, true story. The group comes together for dinner and drinks with some laughs, mostly coming from a really funny fat guy (only naturally, we all have one of those), some tears, and a ton of tense, thrilling scenes.

Eden and David recently returned from a long trip to Mexico where they joined a cult. Hoping to deal with their dark pasts and personal demons, they accepted ‘the invitation’. Now if you aren’t terrified of the word cult already, then you are probably in a cult. Because those things are f**king creepy as sh*t. I don’t care what anyone says I’m not drinking your damn Kool-Aid®. My own personal fears of cults aside, this movie will have you holding your seat till your knuckles are whiter than that one time your dad tried to rap along to Kanye.

What I love most about this movie however, is how it plays with conventions and tropes of horror movies. For those who watch a lot of horror movies, the conventions and tropes of horror are easy to see coming. This movie cleverly sets up all of the basic scares and ‘twists’ that I’ve come to expect. But it went in a completely different direction than I expected at every turn. It got to the point where I genuinely did not know what was going to happen next. I started doubting who was the protagonist, what was logical and what was happening. It was almost as if one character knew he was in a horror movie and kept looking for classical horror movie tropes, but the movie was doing its best convincing us it wasn’t a horror movie, which weirdly made it even scarier.

From the beginning to the very end, there were twists, scares, and more tension than my body knew how to process. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. And if you are someone who is sick of crappy horror movies and wants to see something original, clever, and different I cannot recommend this enough. It is on Netflix® right now so you have no excuse not to watch it tonight. Screw that exam that determines your whole future. And if you don’t have Netflix® get your life together. Get it or ask someone who has it to borrow it. If you don’t have friends I don’t know man buy a cat or something.

Review By: basementbanter Rating: 8 Date: 2017-05-11

Other Information:

Original Title The Invitation
Release Date 2015-08-05
Release Year 2015

Original Language en
Runtime 1 hr 40 min (100 min)
Budget 0
Revenue 354835
Status Released
Rated Not Rated
Genre Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Director Karyn Kusama
Writer Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi
Actors Logan Marshall-Green, Tammy Blanchard, Emayatzy Corinealdi, Aiden Lovekamp
Country USA
Awards 4 wins & 14 nominations.
Production Company N/A
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix N/A
Aspect Ratio 2.35 : 1
Camera N/A
Laboratory N/A
Film Length N/A
Negative Format N/A
Cinematographic Process Panavision (anamorphic)
Printed Film Format DCP

The Invitation 2015 123movies
The Invitation 2015 123movies
The Invitation 2015 123movies
The Invitation 2015 123movies
The Invitation 2015 123movies
The Invitation 2015 123movies
The Invitation 2015 123movies
The Invitation 2015 123movies
The Invitation 2015 123movies
The Invitation 2015 123movies
Original title The Invitation
TMDb Rating 6.5 1,821 votes

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