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Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies

Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies

They’re in this together for better or worse.Sep. 08, 2022104 Min.
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#123movies #fmovies #putlocker #gomovies #solarmovie #soap2day Watch Full Movie Online Free – The film follows Wren Butler, a recent University of Chicago graduate who accompanies her best friend Lily to a post-graduation jaunt to Bali. Lily’s abrupt decision to marry a Balinese local triggers her parents to team to try and stop her from repeating their mistake from 25 years ago. Wren stays in Bali for the engagement/wedding festivities and, in the process, finds her own love with a local doctor.
Plot: A divorced couple teams up and travels to Bali to stop their daughter from making the same mistake they think they made 25 years ago.
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Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies 1 Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies 26.4/10 Votes: 4,411
Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies 3 Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies 267%
Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies 5 Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies 248/100
Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies 7 Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies 26.8 Votes: 153 Popularity: 186.699


There are certainly a few scenes at the start of this film (mostly those seen in the trailers) when there is a spark of chemistry between Julia Roberts (“Georgia”) and George Clooney (“David”). Formerly married, this couple have to dash to Bali when their twenty-five year old daughter “Lily” (Kaitlyn Dever) announces her intention to marry her Indonesian boyfriend of ten minutes “Gede” (Maxime Bouttier). Even on the flight over, it’s clear that they cannot stand one and other, but they must ally and work together if they are to stop their lass’s moment of madness. What happens now reminded me a little of “Mamma Mia” (2008) only without the ABBA songs and instead of Greece, we are in more Oriental surroundings. The photography is beautiful and “Visit Bali” must be hoping that tourists will flock to the gorgeous sandy beaches where you can readily farm seaweed and swim with some pretty brutal dolphins! The storyline here, though, is as predictable as one of the many sunsets we see as this decently paced lightweight comedy steers inevitably towards a conclusion that is never in doubt. Sadly it is the bitchy humour between Clooney and Roberts that holds this otherwise unremarkable film together, and as the story develops that is soon on the wain and we are left with a good looking but rather insubstantial movie. This raises a smile rather than a laugh, and slots neatly into the romcom category. It’s a nice film, you probably won’t hate it – but you won’t ever remember it either.
Review By: CinemaSerf Rating: 6 Date: 2022-09-24
_Ticket to Paradise_ was a blast! The plot is not overly complicated and is pretty generic to be frank but that didn’t matter. The actors carried the entire film and were a joy to watch on screen. Julia Roberts and George Clooney’s chemistry was top notch, they played incredibly off each other creating a genuine love story between the two leads. Their comedic timing was brilliant, every line delivered and had me audibly laughing more times than I can count. Kaitlyn Dever did okay in this film, she did not have a lot to work with and was constantly out shined by Billie Lourd who was hilarious. My fiancé and I were crying every time she was on screen. Overall, this movie doesn’t do a lot, but it delivered fantastic performances and great laughs which is all I want in a rom-com.

**Score:** _73%_ |
**Verdict:** _Good_

Review By: Nathan Rating: 7 Date: 2022-10-26
A flat film.
“Ticket to Paradise” is the clear example that the trailer is better than the movie itself. The script does not bring anything new to romantic comedies, it rushes to take the already known formula and fill the plot with the typical clichés. Julia Roberts and George Clooney offer simple performances without much charm, the secondary characters are more endearing as is the case with Wren Butler played by Billie Lourd. The filming locations are extraordinary and the cinematography makes them look even more beautiful. Returning to the script, it fails to catch on and as entertainment it doesn’t go that far either. One of the worst moments is the terrible CGI with which a dolphin that appears on the screen for a few seconds was created. Movie to see once and not repeat.
Review By: jp_91 Rating: 5 Date: 2022-10-12
Sometimes this movie felt like the opposite of paradise
“Ticket to Paradise” is a new English-language movie and a co-production between the UK and USA, even if the movie is for the most part set in Bali and was shot in Australia. So a bright mix of countries we have here that are attached to this project. It is a movie that runs for approximately 100 minutes, slightly under without and slightly over with credits apparently. The writer and director is British filmmaker Ol Parker, who is in his early 50s now, but looks a bit younger. He has worked with a few big name actors and especially actresses over the last ten years which may also explain why he got two really famous actors to play the protagonists in this new film we have here. This is of course a 2022 release. Maybe the most known work for Parker was the sequel to Mamma Mia! And this is also a key reason why I got curious about him and his newest film we have here. I did not really like the original Mamma Mia! Film, but the sequel I genuinely enjoyed. So I am surely more than just a bit shocked here with how little “Ticket to Paradise” worked for me. Perhaps it had to do with his co-writer Daniel Pipski. I am obviously not sure how much each of them contributed, but Pipski has mostly worked on some admittedly not bad television stuff in the last 15 years. What catches my attention more is the contribution to Milk, even if it was just in a smaller position. But back to this film here: The two leads are of course Oscar winners George Clooney and Julia Roberts. They have been together in many films, even if the ones you think of first for Roberts are maybe those that she had with other Hollywood heart throbs Richard Gere and Hugh Grant. But Clooney and Roberts seem to be fond of each other if you see them play co-leads this often and the last time is also not that long ago. I am not too big on Roberts, but I like Clooney, so I was especially disappointed how this turned out for him. Other family dramas with humorous inclusions that Clooney showed up in like Up in the Air or The Descendants I adored. But here it is all nothingness or feels pretentious, so the outcome gave off a very shallow vibe for me. I will elaborate on that in detail a little later.

As I just mentioned The Descendants, which is also already over a decade ago (man how time flies), I found it a bit funny when Roberts’ character here talks about how Clooney’s has never been to Hawaii, but maybe it was just me and maybe also not intentional. But I am sure Clooney thought about it too when shooting the scene. After all, he almost won an Oscar for his performance in that Alexander Payne movie. But yeah, Payne is not Parker, even if the first letters are the same, and the outcome here is disappointing. The rest of the cast are no big names at all. Kaitlyn Dever some will perhaps recognize, but she is the only one and she plays the older couple’s daughter here. This film at times almost felt like a Rosamunde Pilcher adaptation. How the daughter discovers the ring towards the end and that the parents took it was on the cringeworthy side. Quite the coincidence. But the worst of it all was really how Clooney’s and Roberts’ characters were kinda getting together in the end. They were not too explicit about it, but them leaving the boat together to return to the island and also the weird kiss from before that made it relatively obvious. Of course, same applies to their daughter and how she talks about her mother’s new man. I honestly felt really bad for the guy. I mean he had a partner, the stunning (or “stunning”) Julia Roberts, who is 25 years his senior perhaps. He is crazy about her, wants to marry her, always gives her the greatest gifts, surprises her all the time and yet he is totally the wrong person. The daughter called him less interesting than watching paint dry. He even gets bitten by a snake and there is saved by Roberts’ character, so he is eternally grateful to her and he also gets bullied by that chubby airplane passenger. Okay, she was kinda funny honestly and also the conversation(s) with Clooney’s character.

But back to what I actually wanted to say. Of course, Roberts’ character eventually apparently gets together with the man who says that it is okay if she marries the other dude and that man she gets together with then is of course Clooney’s character. That was so ridiculous. I mean the film starts showing and telling us that they absolutely do not get along with each other at all and that they literally cannot stand each other one bit, but when coincidence strikes, they are united again and are forced to spend more time with each other and then grow closer again. I could not believe it the way the film started, also with the cringeworthy argument when they are up there in the stands. The very first scene of the film or two scenes I could say when we see and hear the two talk to friends I think it was about their shared past, the wedding proposal etc. Was also not good at all. This film started on a weak note. There weren’t many moments I liked linked to their relationship. One would maybe be when Clooney’s character says something about a motorbike rider that he only approves of him when Roberts’ character falls off the bike or so. But that was almost the only moment when I smiled a bit. For one good inclusion there were five or six poor ones. Another weak almost recurring gag was when Clooney’s character made fun of the Frenchie. Or how the three of them meet there up on the airplane in the same situation. Again, unrealistic coincidence. The turbulence was poor pseudo drama. But what was way worse than the film’s misfiring on comedy was how it got the emotionally relevant moments all wrong. The talk about the special place felt gooey, so did the party and how the two protagonists wake up the next morning in the same bed. Or also in terms of words, not just in terms of actions. The idea of “now is the time” or what the exact words were was an okay one, but the execution was simply mediocre at best, also with the final shot when they are jumping into the water. What I found even worse though was the inclusion of “wrong person, time and place” and how all three must be correct and how Roberts’ character quotes that towards the end when she breaks up with her young boyfriend.

Her introduction was kinda messy altogether to me at the film’s start and here I am talking about how we see that she is a really successful businesswoman who easily pays for dinner at great restaurants and who effortlessly wins auctions where she pays several thousand dollars for exhibits while wearing really fashionable clothes. The one with Clooney talking to his buddy and doing sports was not any better. Also not sure why the daughter did not tell them during the phone conversation they would sit next to each other. I mean it is not an apocalypse or so. But that was chaotic already, so with watching stuff like this so early you cannot really get your hopes up for everything that follows afterwards. I mean the movie is not a failure, but there were weaknesses and these became especially visible when the movie took itself very seriously. Next example would be the “not enough” inclusion, first when Clooney’s character talks about that to his daughter’s boyfriend and next when the lead couple’s daughter quotes this basically and talks to her mother about the latter’s boyfriend. I must also say I found the daughter’s boyfriend pretty unlikable. He is depicted as the more interesting young man there, pretty smart and able to do physical work too and he understands immediately what happened with the ring, but even if you find him okay early on, when he goes on about how to treat nature on one occasion and all the miracles she provides it was also really pretentious I thought, even if in theory what he says is not wrong, but the film just felt so full of itself, so it was even worse to see that the younger female protagonist then answered something like how she never realized that she is so much out of balance. It just felt written and scripted on so many occasions. I do not even blame the actors. They tried their best with the delivery. I mean Dever is not Woodley, but still the core issue here is the screenplay and how it was all written, especially the dialogues. There aren’t many actors who could have made this work. Maybe none even.

My negative recommendation should not surprise anybody. I know people are suckers for films based on works from Pilcher, Lindström and Fforde here in my country and while this film is maybe not as terrible as those, there are similarities and I am also not surprised by the rating above 6 on imdb, but I definitely agree with the more critical critics here and this film deserves only a 4 out of 10 I would say. I think this is all there is to say. Oh yeah, I also hated that we do not find anything about Clooney’s character, neither about his profession, nor life nor whatever. Except that he still has this beautiful spot, so they don’t build apartments there. Apparently, the character must also be relatively rich as a consequence. We also realize he is not willing to make a move on really young women as he probably could have when he talks to his daughter’s best friend when they have a drink together. Another kinda forgettable scene and no real significance. Finally, I mentioned the snake scene, so maybe animals are not depicted in the most friendly manner here because we have a dolphin attack Clooney’s character out of nowhere. Those animals can admittedly be fairly radical, but swimming with them would still be fascinating. Anyway, when they give medical treatment to him then immediately afterwards, it was also meant as another funny moment, but I did not think it was really and also I did not hear too many laughing from the maybe 25 people in my showing and I had a feeling that most were not really won over by the outcome here. It’s a movie you wanna skip, even if you like Clooney (and Roberts) like I do. Not recommended.

Review By: Horst_In_Translation Rating: 4 Date: 2022-10-06

Other Information:

Original Title Ticket to Paradise
Release Date 2022-09-08
Release Year 2022

Original Language en
Runtime N/A
Budget 20000000
Revenue 96000000
Status Released
Rated PG-13
Genre Comedy, Romance
Director Ol Parker
Writer Ol Parker, Daniel Pipski
Actors George Clooney, Sean Lynch, Julia Roberts
Country United States, United Kingdom
Awards N/A
Production Company N/A
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix N/A
Aspect Ratio N/A
Camera N/A
Laboratory N/A
Film Length N/A
Negative Format N/A
Cinematographic Process N/A
Printed Film Format N/A

Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies
Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies
Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies
Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies
Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies
Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies
Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies
Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies
Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies
Ticket to Paradise 2022 123movies
Original title Ticket to Paradise
TMDb Rating 6.8 153 votes

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