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Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies

Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies

For one world to live, the other must die.Jun. 16, 2017154 Min.
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#123movies #fmovies #putlocker #gomovies #solarmovie #soap2day Watch Full Movie Online Free – Optimus Prime finds his dead home planet, Cybertron, in which he comes to find he was responsible for its destruction. He finds a way to bring Cybertron back to life, but in order to do so, Optimus needs to find an artifact that is on Earth.
Plot: Autobots and Decepticons are at war, with humans on the sidelines. Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving our future lies buried in the secrets of the past, in the hidden history of Transformers on Earth.
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Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies 1 Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies 25.2/10 Votes: 136,763
Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies 3 Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies 215%
Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies 5 Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies 227/100
Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies 7 Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies 26 Votes: 4372 Popularity: 59.166


Not surprisingly I expected this, the fifth installment, of the Transformers franchise to be pretty much crap. Especially after the abysmal fourth installment. To my great surprise I found it to be much less crappy than I expected.

I honestly do not understand why so many people seems to think this is one of the worst movies ever. The critics sure, especially the ones at Rotten Tomatoes, but I do not really care about those self proclaimed “critics”. Ordinary viewers is another matter.

I mean, this is a transformers movie and it is directed by Michael Bay. That pretty much defines the movie from the start so what the heck did all those people complaining actually expect? That Michael Bay should suddenly care about things like script and stuff or anything else except big robots, special effects and explosions?

Personally I quite enjoyed this movie. Well, enjoyed in the context of watching a Transformers movie that is. I enjoyed the special effects, the robots, even the lousy jokes.

I did enjoy the tie in to the Pendragon myth and I thought the somewhat bizarre Sir Edmund Burton and his even more bizarre robot butler was great fun.

I laughed outright when I saw the World War 1 tank transformer. I was expecting the submarine transformer to actually transform though.

Maybe all those detractors of this movie are missing the bimbo with two and a half brain cells (yes I am being generous now) that used to be the lead female character in the Transformers movies but personally I quite liked that the leads in this movie was much more mature and actually showed some evidence of intelligence.

The story? Well, for a Transformers movie it is quite good. In any other context it would be somewhat…lacking. It did screw quite a bit with the Transformers timeline established in the first movies though. Oh, and for some nitpicking, the maximum operating altitude of those airplanes they used is 21 000 feet, not 12 000 feet.

Bottom line, I had great fun when watching this movie. With my low, and I mean LOW, initial expectations I was very pleasantly surprised. It is definitely a huge improvement over the fourth instalment.

Review By: Per Gunnar Jonsson Rating: Date: 2017-11-11
The _Transformers_ franchise has never been good. Some say that the series is “Dumb fun with good action and cool explosions. To me, that could maybe be used to describe only the third movie. The first one is promising and has a certain “child-like-wonder” appeal. But neither of them are truly **good**. The second _Transformers_ is meaningless garbage.

But when _Age of Extinction_ was released in 2014, the franchise hit new, abysmal lows. Watching _Transformers_ wasn’t just a chore, it wasn’t just boring, it was excruciating. It was so bad I felt nauseous. I was aggravated to the point of brimming with feelings of genuine anger. They say that if a film makes you feel something, that is a victory in itself. Be it sadness, excitement, intrigue, joy, hope, nostalgia, hysteria, love, fear, warmth – whatever – I tend to agree with that statement. What I felt in _Age of Extinction_ was not a victory. It was a failure. A Guinness Book of World Records level failure.

_Transformers: The Last Knight_, is at least that bad again.

Arguably worse.

I guess it didn’t dedicate an entire character to being a justification for paedophilia, so it has that up on its predecessor.

_Final rating:½ – So bad it’s offensive. I may never fully recover._

Review By: Gimly Rating: 1 Date: 2017-09-19
Absolutely terrible but also fantastic.
We’ve got to the point where no one expects anything good from any of these Transformer movies, and this one is no different. It has a confusing, pointless plot with heaps of holes, shocking acting, and unlikable characters.

However, I didn’t watch this movie with the intention of being a critic; I watched this movie one afternoon when I felt like watching a crappy action movie with robots, explosions, and the occasional fart joke. And in that sense, the movie nails it. I had no idea what was going on the whole way through but I’d be damned if I didn’t love every minute of it. Mark Wahlberg’s acting is disappointingly terrible and that’s awesome, and the editing is absolute chaos. It was perfect.

Review By: sammas-nz Rating: 10 Date: 2017-10-30
A CinemaSins Gold Mine
To be clear right out of the gate, I decided to see this movie with my brother solely because of how bad and laughable we both knew it would be. Boy was I ever right. Not only does this film plummet the Transformers franchise even lower than Age of Extinction, (which I truly never thought was possible), but Transformers: The Last Knight (TLK) showcases an absolute abomination of film making in general, creating what essentially is a $200 million pile of steaming hot trash, a horrible disgrace to the Transformers name and the film industry as a whole.

It’s a tad bit difficult to explain what the TLK is really about, because, well, I don’t really know. I know that the Decepticons are looking for another ancient relic on Earth to somehow bring Cybertron back to life, but that’s about it. The overall narrative is so clustered with noise (metaphorical and literal), random occurrences, numerous undeveloped sub plots, gaping plot holes, relentlessly forced humor, and atrocious pacing that for most of the film, I was literally laughing out loud in the theater and once shouted, “what the Hell is going on!?”.

TLK has the writing depth of an illiterate monkey, and the narrative focus of a child. Trying to understand TLK’s story is like trying to listen to a baby complete their first sentence; it’s confusing as can be, incoherent and probably pretty comical. I can’t even speak positively about the Transformers themselves being cool because the Transformers are BARELY IN THE MOVIE. There is so little Transformer-on-Transformer action, I thought I had just watched a 2.5 hour trailer teasing the big action scenes to come, but all I got was more pointless, unexplained human-lead garbage who run the show in a Transformers movie. The script is a complete mess to put it kindly, a blubbering, babbling heap of uncoordinated crap, and I can’t believe it’s actually more disjointed than Age of Extinction. TLK goes below the bottom of the barrel, and it’s script should be put on trial.

At this point in the dumpster fire that is the Transformers franchise, I feel bad for any poor actor that gets sucked into these films. Mark Wahlberg, a fan favorite of mine, has sunk to an all- time low with his performance as Cade Yeager. Sure the writing of the character, and every character mind you, was sincerely abysmal, but even still, there’s no heart, no motive, no passion whatsoever to deliver even an OK performance. Wahlberg was unbearable. Even worse was Anthony Hopkins, whose character was written so poorly I thought it was actually a cruel joke on Hopkins. To see a legendary actor fall to the abyss is terrible, and TLK as brought him, along with any other victims of this plague of a film, to the lowest of the low. Stanley Tucci literally plays a different character than in the previous film and it’s just oh so bad, not to mention Josh Duhamel got dragged back into this awfulness again, with his character being just completely and utterly useless. The performance, writing and development of every character was horrendously awful, period.

As Transformers films have gotten worse over the years, the only piece of the movies I have been able to write positively about are the big-budget action scenes, which at the least, provided some entertainment outside of the unintentional entertainment delivered by the terribleness of the films. However, I can’t even write home about the action in The Last Knight. Sure the CGI still looks great, but good grief, the action is limited (when it comes to Transformers actually fighting), graceless and down right bizarre. I have to write about one moment in particular, however. Anthony Hopkins’ character suddenly reveals at one point that his cane is actually a machine gun, and his cane-gun prevents Megatron from accomplishing his mission. I laughed out loud and choked on my drink, it was the selling point for me as one of the worst movies I’ve EVER seen.

I could rant about how bad this movie is for a long time, but at this point, I just don’t care anymore. I spent more time thinking about how CinemaSins will lay into the film than paying attention the main story. My hope is that I can prevent any soul from watching this deplorable display of film. Even if you want to watch for how bad it is like me, save yourself and don’t. Transformers: The Last Knight is one of the worst films I’ve seen in my life, it’s unfathomably shameful.


Review By: slicedbread117 Rating: 1 Date: 2017-08-16

Other Information:

Original Title Transformers: The Last Knight
Release Date 2017-06-16
Release Year 2017

Original Language en
Runtime 2 hr 34 min (154 min)
Budget 217000000
Revenue 605425157
Status Released
Rated PG-13
Genre Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Director Michael Bay
Writer Art Marcum (screenplay by), Matt Holloway (screenplay by), Ken Nolan (screenplay by), Akiva Goldsman (story by), Art Marcum (story by), Matt Holloway (story by), Ken Nolan (story by)
Actors Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins, Josh Duhamel, Laura Haddock
Country USA, China, Canada
Awards 4 wins & 19 nominations.
Production Company Di Bonaventura Pictures, Tom DeSanto/Don Murphy, Ian Bryce Productions
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix Dolby Atmos, Dolby Surround 7.1, Dolby Digital, IMAX 6-Track, DTS (DTS: X), Auro 11.1, 12-Track Digital Sound (IMAX 12 track), Sonics-DDP (IMAX version)
Aspect Ratio 1.90 : 1 (most scenes), 2.00 : 1 (most scenes), 2.28 : 1 (letterboxed) (some shots), 2.39 : 1 (letterboxed) (one shot)
Camera Arri Alexa IMAX (dual-strip 3-D), Hasselblad Prime 65, Arriflex 416 Plus, Hawk V-Lite16 1.3x Lenses, Red Epic Dragon, Panavision C-Series & Leitz SUMMILUX-C Lenses, Red Weapon Dragon, Panavision C-Series Lenses, Red Weapon Helium Bayhem, Panavision C-Series and Vantage One Bayhem Lenses, Red Weapon Helium, Panavision C-Series and Vantage One Lenses
Laboratory Company 3, Los Angeles (CA), USA (digital intermediate)
Film Length N/A
Negative Format 16 mm (Kodak), Codex, IMAX Digital 3-D, Redcode RAW
Cinematographic Process ARRIRAW (6.5K) (dual-strip 3-D) (source format), Digital Intermediate (2K) (master format), Dolby Vision, Hawk Scope (anamorphic) (source format) (one scene), IMAX Digital 3-D (6.5K) (dual-strip 3-D) (source format) (most scenes), IMAX HDR, Panavision (anamorphic) (source format) (some shots), Redcode RAW (6K) (8K) (dual-strip 3-D) (source format)
Printed Film Format D-Cinema (also 3-D version)

Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies
Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies
Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies
Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies
Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies
Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies
Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies
Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies
Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies
Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 123movies
Original title Transformers: The Last Knight
TMDb Rating 6 4,372 votes

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