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Valhalla Rising 2009 123movies

Valhalla Rising 2009 123movies

Sep. 04, 200993 Min.
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#123movies #fmovies #putlocker #gomovies #solarmovie #soap2day Watch Full Movie Online Free – 1000 AD, for years, One Eye, a mute warrior of supernatural strength, has been held prisoner by the Norse chieftain Barde. Aided by Are, a boy slave, One Eye slays his captor and together he and Are escape, beginning a journey into the heart of darkness. On their flight, One Eye and Are board a Viking vessel, but the ship is soon engulfed by an endless fog that clears only as the crew sights an unknown land. As the new world reveals its secrets and the Vikings confront their terrible and bloody fate, One Eye discovers his true self.
Plot: 1000 AD, for years, One Eye, a mute warrior of supernatural strength, has been held prisoner by the Norse chieftain Barde. Aided by Are, a boy slave, One Eye slays his captor and together he and Are escape, beginning a journey into the heart of darkness. On their flight, One Eye and Are board a Viking vessel, but the ship is soon engulfed by an endless fog that clears only as the crew sights an unknown land. As the new world reveals its secrets and the Vikings confront their terrible and bloody fate, One Eye discovers his true self.
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Valhalla Rising 2009 123movies 1 Valhalla Rising 2009 123movies 26.1/10 Votes: 56,105
Valhalla Rising 2009 123movies 3 Valhalla Rising 2009 123movies 273%
Valhalla Rising 2009 123movies 5 Valhalla Rising 2009 123movies 261/100
Valhalla Rising 2009 123movies 7 Valhalla Rising 2009 123movies 26.1 Votes: 820 Popularity: 11.429


Twilight of the grim, grey… um…

RELEASED IN 2009 and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, “Valhalla Rising” takes place in the 11th century where a one-eyed mute thrall (Mads Mikkelsen) obtains his freedom in the Scottish Highlands and joins a band of Viking Christians on a voyage to the Holy Land to fight in the Crusades, but the expedition doesn’t go as planned.

The movie definitely LOOKS and SOUNDS awesome with an ambient score reminiscent of Agalloch, but without the heavy riffing or manic drumming. It’s an artsy non-blockbuster with a tone akin to “Aguirre, The Wrath of God” (1972) and “Black Robe” (1991). “Apocalypto” (2006) is a good modern comparison, although the story isn’t as compelling as “Black Robe” or “Apocalypto.” It has elements of “Apocalypse Now” (1979) but the thin story just isn’t anywhere near as fascinating. Still, it’s okay.

There are some weak points, like the Viking chief saying “It’s a river” when this would’ve been obvious about an hour earlier when the mist first cleared (aduh). I’m sure the director would chalk it up to artistic license. Another issue is that the film is slow with not enough events to justify its runtime. As such, we get needlessly drawn-out scenes like the discovery of fresh water (which was obvious from the get-go of the sequence). The whole episode could’ve been done in a third of the time given.

THE MOVIE RUNS 1 hour, 33 minutes and was shot in Scotland. WRITERS: Refn, Roy Jacobsen and Matthew Read.


INTERPRETATION ***SPOILER ALERT*** (Don’t read further unless you’ve seen the movie).

The silent One-Eye is the incarnation of Odin. He is invincible and holds the power to see the future. He disdains the Christian Vikings who’ve usurped his influence over his people. He tests many in battle to see if they’re worthy, but finds none. Nevertheless, he sullenly sees his people off to their new (holy) land, America, where Scandinavians were the third most numerous immigrants. The Boy is a type of Thor, his son, who will sort of replace him in America once the grim god ironically sacrifices himself à la Jesus Christ.

Review By: Wuchak Rating: 7 Date: 2018-05-06
It never manages to rise above its one trick.

Nicolas Winding Refn directs and Mads Mikkelsen stars in this ponderous exercise in arty veneers. Refn boldly strips back the dialogue and plot to reveal a picture big on ideas but poor in execution. As the story plods along, stopping only briefly for some guttural violence now and then, it becomes evident that the makers have made a painfully boring movie. At first the drained out colour photography looks like a masterstroke of ethereal atmospherics, but this also wears off and only compounds the overall feeling of monotony that pervades the pic.

Hugely disappointing venture from a director capable of so much more. 3/10

Review By: John Chard Rating: 3 Date: 2014-06-03
The Valhalla Gates are open, but the Gods are sleeping
Damn! This was, like, the most frustrating kind of cinematic disappointment you can imagine. On one hand you expect a completely different and much more virulent kind of action movie, but on the other hand you totally can’t claim that this was a terrible movie. Okay, admittedly, I expected non-stop swashbuckling, blood-dripping Viking spectacle and relentless violence from “Valhalla Rising”, but can you blame me? The title and the awesome film poster, depicting a chained warrior with only one eye and war symbols painted on his muscular chest, alone were enough to make my mouth water. There are far too few genuine Viking movies out there, and since this is a local Scandinavian product, I honestly assumed it would have been a kick-ass movie. Instead, “Valhalla Rising” is a slowly unfolding and brooding epic with melancholic themes and unimaginably beautiful photography. Mads Mikkelsen, Denmark most talented actor even though he doesn’t speak a single word in this film, stars as the charismatic and fierce warrior One-Eye (aptly baptized by his 10-year-old travel companion) who lives the miserable life in captivity. Viking tribes use him as their deadliest weapon in random gladiator games until, one day; he breaks his chains and regains freedom. Followed around by the one boy who treated him somewhat decently, One-Eye joins a clan of self-acclaimed crusaders intending to travel to Jerusalem with a vessel and re-conquer the holy land of God. The pacing is incredibly (at times even intolerably) slow and there’s hardly any dialog in the film at all. More than once, “Valhalla Rising” actually reminded me of the legendary spaghetti westerns directed by Sergio Leone, and particularly “Once Upon A Time in the West”. That movie – one of the greatest ones ever made, by the way – is also very slow and seemingly purposeless, but simultaneously boosts an atmosphere that is consistently ominous and unsettling. “Valhalla Rising” exists of multiple chapters, seven in total if I remember correctly, but nevertheless maintains a simple and chronological narrative. The crusade to Jerusalem is a marvelous symbolic criticism towards warfare in the name of religion; although I remain convinced the journey could have used action & bloodshed instead of hints at supernaturalism. Mikkelsen (the bad dude in Casino Royale) is terrific and it’s remarkable how he must trained to get a body like that, but his character could have been so much more fascinating. Writer/director Nicolas Winding Refn (“Fear X”, “Bronson”) is definitely courageous and visionary, but I just hope that his film won’t be misinterpreted or inaccurately promoted. If sold as a wildly exciting and blood-soaked Viking spectacle in Hollywood or so, “Valhalla Rising” is bound to become very unpopular.
Review By: Coventry Rating: 6 Date: 2010-04-22
Atmospheric But Not Much Else
This film comes with a lot of baggage a fact reflected from the critical reception it got on its release . Some people thought it was a masterpiece whilst others thought it was pretentious self indulgent torture porn . Likewise the comments here that seems to split people right down the middle . Somewhat typically I could only award it 5 out of 10 because seeing it my rating for this film wavered between 1 and 10 . It wavers from dreadful pretentious rubbish and masterpiece from scene to scene

To be honest I almost switched off after the first ten minutes as a one eyed man stands leashed to a pole and indulges in mortal combat in 11th Century Europe . Nothing is held back in this scene of violence or indeed in the suceeding scenes that sees heads bashed in and disembowelment . One can quite understand watching this in the cinema and seeing half the audience walk out in disgust . The film doesn’t help its cause much by having little dialogue and the need to insert bizarre surreal sequences in to the narrative

The film does pick up when One Eye and his child companion come across Christian converts who wish to travel to Jerusalem to fight in the Crusades and board a boat a boat to the Holyland only to come across a strange place that geographically is not in the Middle East . Here the film works at its best as the characters try and work out the mystery of where they are and what fate has in store for them . At this point it’s almost like APOCALYPSE NOW meets Tarkovsky

Impressive as this is director Nicholas Winding Refn feels the need to go overboard on the directing front and he’s neither Tarkovsky or Francis Ford Coppola . Certainly the film has a sense of intelligible portent dread throughout but like his previous film BRONSON Refn shows off a little too much which becomes painfully irritating . Less would have certainly been more This interferes with whatever the subtext the narrative might been making . There’s an ecclestastical meaning there somewhere . One character refers to One Eye ” He has many Gods while we only have one ( Christopher Hitchen’s would reply to this by saying ” Good because we’re getting closer to the true figure ” ) and of course the characters are trying to sail to the Holy Land but this is undone by the pretentious imagery . Strangely the film features a twist ending that possibly isn’t entirely leftfield since the characters drink a psychotropic brew that has a mystical maninkari effect , but this leads the audience to ask how anyone can sail to the Middle East only to end up in North America ?

I tried to like VALHALLA RISING and from a technical viewpoint it is very impressive . Unfortunately the director sabotages his own film by including too much gore and too much ” Oh look at me aren’t I being so clever ? ” to the detriment of storytelling and subtext. It’s difficult to see what market the film is trying to buy in to . Is it the historical epic crowd , the horror crowd or the art-house crowd ? This makes for a very unsatisfying film

Review By: Theo Robertson Rating: 5 Date: 2013-02-25

Other Information:

Original Title Valhalla Rising
Release Date 2009-09-04
Release Year 2009

Original Language en
Runtime 1 hr 33 min (93 min), 1 hr 30 min (90 min) (Toronto International) (Canada)
Budget 5641880
Revenue 30638
Status Released
Rated Not Rated
Genre Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Director Nicolas Winding Refn
Writer Nicolas Winding Refn, Roy Jacobsen, Matthew Read (additional writing)
Actors Mads Mikkelsen, Alexander Morton, Stewart Porter, Maarten Stevenson
Country Denmark, UK
Awards 4 wins & 9 nominations.
Production Company BBC Films
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix Dolby Digital
Aspect Ratio 2.35 : 1
Camera Red One Camera
Laboratory Technicolor, London, UK
Film Length 2,534 m (Sweden), 2,557 m (Portugal, 35 mm)
Negative Format Redcode RAW
Cinematographic Process Digital Intermediate (2K) (master format), Redcode RAW (4K) (source format)
Printed Film Format 35 mm (anamorphic)

Valhalla Rising 2009 123movies
Valhalla Rising 2009 123movies
Original title Valhalla Rising
TMDb Rating 6.1 820 votes

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