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Wizards 1977 123movies

Wizards 1977 123movies

An epic fantasy of peace and magic.Feb. 09, 197780 Min.
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#123movies #fmovies #putlocker #gomovies #solarmovie #soap2day Watch Full Movie Online Free – In a post apocalyptic future that appears as a blend of World War II Europe and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth, a pint-size wizard named Avatar must save the world from a band of fascist mutants controlled by his evil twin brother, Blackwolf, who likes to confuse enemy armies by projecting films of Adolf Hitler speeches during attacks. Painted live-action footage of advancing Nazi armies contrasts with Saturday-morning-cartoon-style animation of fairies and elves as Avatar travels through various magical and radioactive realms on his quest. Aiding him are the beautiful Fairy princess Elinore, hot-blooded warrior elf Weehawk, and Peace, a misunderstood robot rebelling against his Blackwolf-controlled programming. A bizarre and psychedelic meditation on magic vs. technology, this ultimate futuristic fantastic epic cult film still finds an audience on college campuses and will prove quite rewarding to viewers in the right frame of mind.
Plot: After the death of his mother, the evil mutant wizard Blackwolf discovers some long-lost military technologies. Full of ego and ambition, Blackwolf claims his mother’s throne, assembles an army and sets out to brainwash and conquer Earth. Meanwhile, Blackwolf’s gentle twin brother, the bearded and sage Avatar, calls upon his own magical abilities to foil Blackwolf’s plans for world domination — even if it means destroying his own flesh and blood.
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Wizards 1977 123movies 7 Wizards 1977 123movies 26.2 Votes: 116 Popularity: 8.333


Not a total success but commendably bizarre
This is one of the trio of Ralph Bakshi animated features that appeared in cinemas in the 70’s. The most high profile was his adaption of The Lord of the Rings, while his most respected was the subversive Fritz the Cat. Wizards falls somewhere between these two. It combines the fantasy world of the former with the adult themes of the latter. As a result it is a bizarre and somewhat uneven feature that is undoubtedly somewhat unique. Like Fantastic Planet and Heavy Metal, it falls into that small group of animated movies that can be considered bona fide cult movies.

Its story has a couple of twins, one good (Avatar) and one evil (Blackwolf) fight one and other for domination; the former with magic, the latter with technology. This is our world in the future, a world of elves and wizards. Old war machinery and Nazi propaganda films are rediscovered by evil beings and used as a means to militarily conquer weaker peoples. It’s quite clear that the story as such presents a cautionary tale. It suggests that uncontrolled technology is a very bad thing, while it also reiterates the evil of fascism. What, of course, is so strange with all of this is that it is presented within the framework of an all-out fantasy adventure cartoon. Wizards is a good example of one of the earliest examples of animation that was consciously moving away from children’s stories. In truth, though, the story here isn’t all that great and the characters not especially good. For this reason, the film never fully engages.

In terms of visual artistry Wizards is something of a mixed bag. It combines traditional animation alongside detailed still drawings, real footage and rotoscoping. The latter always feels like a bit of a cheap way to do animation but it is done here more successfully than it was in Bakshi’s later Lord of the Rings. It’s used in a more stylised way here and doesn’t seem so out-of-place. The various art styles are put together in what has to be termed a multi-media approach. I think it mainly works and certainly gives the film a different look and feel. Some of the animated characters are a little poor though such as the character of Avatar who looks ridiculously comical. This juxtaposition of children’s comic characters with decidedly heavy imagery such as swastikas and Nazi footage is weird to say the least. The scene where cartoon characters watch old Nazi films is certainly very memorable.

In the final analysis Wizards is a strange movie. Not an entirely successful one but at least it was daring to be different. For fans of cult ‘toons this is a must though.

Review By: Red-Barracuda Rating: 7 Date: 2013-02-26
A psychedelic mess
Yes, this is as bad as it gets. Unless you grew up in a wood-paneled basement in 1970’s suburbia, breathing air with a lingering aftertaste of cheap cigarettes and a used-up dime bag wedged between the sofa cushions, this movie will astound you with its mere existence.

Wizards has been described as “thought-provoking”, and it is, just not in the way director Ralph Bakshi intended. It’s clear Bakshi thought he had the skills to deliver what he believed was the all-important social message of the 60’s and 70’s, but apparently subtlety wasn’t one of those skills. The commentary is so heavy-handed that the term doesn’t do it justice. It’s a shame, because Bakshi’s film style is unique and has a strange kind of stilted power to it, although in general his artwork is weird, ugly, and unpleasant. Think of Miyazaki, but with no concept of beauty, and completely insane.

Even that could have been redeemed, had it been used in the service of something other than ridiculous post-hippie ideology that simply flails like an angry child at everything the free-love generation wished they could do away with — technology, the military, religion, and so on. Also, Hitler was bad. Bakshi thinks it’s important to tell you this.

I mean sure, we could all do without nukes, zealotry, and Hitler, but this goes way beyond that.

This film really is like the proverbial train wreck you just can’t look away from, complete with bloody corpses. Just add a wizard that smokes cigars with his toes, a promiscuous fairy, a hideous elf named “Weehawk” and a robot that is apparently missing his pelvic region (not just his groin, but the whole area), and you’ve got Wizards.

At times the movie goes places that are seriously unimaginable. Things happen that don’t make any sense at all, or that are barely tangential to anything else you see. One example of many should suffice (SPOILER WARNING):

Near the beginning, after all the introductory back story that gets us to the “present” of the film (actually 2 million years or so in earth’s future, the strung-out female voice-over tells us), we are shown a small room inside a high tower. Inside a stubby wizard named Avatar, dressed in green and with a full red beard and moustache that covers all but his nose and eyes, is talking to a crazy, gangly mannequin that is supposed to be the president of fairyland. He looks nothing like a fairy.

Nearby sits the ugly elf and the president’s vapid, winged daughter, who does look like a fairy except that she’s taller than the others, and has huge lips and a skimpy sex-pot dress, complete with pokey nipples (for some reason present throughout the entire film).

Lounging in a huge chair, with a vacant expression and a voice like a prototype for Foxy Cleopatra from “Austin Powers: Goldmember”, she explains that she’s not really entirely fairy yet. She touches her wings. For some reason, she laughs. About everything.

Suddenly, the crotchless robot wearing a red one-piece jumps through the window and blasts the president with a laser. The wizard takes out the robot, at which point the fairy screams like a banshee and proceeds to jump of the robot’s corpse and tear into it with . . . fairy claws, I guess. Chunks fly everywhere. She keeps screaming. Meanwhile the elf and the wizard calmly discuss what to do next, as if she’s not there. The fairy screams fade into the background. End scene.

We are suddenly back in the same room. The bodies are gone. The three “heroes” are still discussing plans, but now the wizard is lying in a bed and the fairy is sitting on him, hinting with Bakshi-like subtlety that she really would like to have sex with him. The elf is sharpening his sword. Oh, and they’ve decided to reanimate the robot and name him Peace.

I don’t really need to go on. (END SPOILER)

Perhaps one of the most amusing yet bizarre aspects of the experience is the interview with Mr. Bakshi on the DVD. Unlike Disney, he says, he doesn’t lie to children. Yes, Wizards is intended to be a kid movie. An “honest” one. Good one, Bakshi.

Now maybe this sounds like something you would enjoy. I didn’t, except in all the ways I wasn’t supposed to. In fact, I recommend watching it once (not with children), just for the experience. It’ll make you feel weird. After all, this is THE quintessential whacked-out children’s propaganda cartoon made by a self-important lech with an art kit, a camera, and some watercolors (all other films in that category also belong to Bakshi). It made me believe it might really be possible to lace a DVD with hallucinogens, designed to release on every viewing. It’s that good/bad/odd.

Perhaps some folks are nostalgic for 70’s suburbia and that wood-paneled basement. Even I am sometimes, and that’s fine. But the huge, boxy VCR in our minds should be playing “Watership Down” or “The Last Unicorn”, and hopefully not this mess of a movie.

Review By: ninjaandy1975 Rating: 1 Date: 2007-01-17

Other Information:

Original Title Wizards
Release Date 1977-02-09
Release Year 1977

Original Language en
Runtime 1 hr 22 min (82 min), 1 hr 22 min (82 min) (Argentina), 1 hr 20 min (80 min) (USA)
Budget 1200000
Revenue 9000000
Status Released
Rated PG
Genre Animation, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Director Ralph Bakshi
Writer Ralph Bakshi
Actors Bob Holt, Jesse Welles, Richard Romanus, David Proval
Country USA
Awards 2 nominations.
Production Company N/A
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix 3 Channel Stereo (RCA Sound Recording) (5.0) (L-R)
Aspect Ratio 1.85 : 1
Camera N/A
Laboratory DeLuxe
Film Length N/A
Negative Format N/A
Cinematographic Process N/A
Printed Film Format N/A

Wizards 1977 123movies
Wizards 1977 123movies
Original title Wizards
TMDb Rating 6.2 116 votes

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