Married… with Children 1987 123movies

Married… with Children 1987 123movies

Apr. 05, 1987
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#123movies #fmovies #putlocker #gomovies #solarmovie #soap2day Watch Full Series Online Free – Al Bundy is an unsuccessful middle aged shoe salesman with a miserable life and an equally dysfunctional family. He has a very attractive but lazy wife named Peggy who constantly nags him to death while throwing the little money he earns away on herself. He also has a very promiscuous teen aged daughter named Kelly who makes up in attractiveness what she lacks in IQ points, and a not so attractive but bright teen aged son named Bud who seems to think he is a ladies man. To add to Al’s misery is his yuppie next door neighbors Marcy and Steve. Marcy and Steve eventually split up with Marcy keeping the house next door to the Bundys and Steve moving away to be a forest ranger. Later Marcy gets remarried to a gigolo named Jefferson who is the male version of Peggy. The sitcom revolves around Al’s never ending attempts to better his life which always leads him right back to where he started. Plot: Al Bundy is an unsuccessful middle aged shoe salesman with a miserable life and an equally dysfunctional family. He hates his job, his wife is lazy, his son is dysfunctional (especially with women), and his daughter is dim-witted and promiscuous.
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Hilarious!! We all have some Bundy in us!!
This long running American sitcom has a strange kind of following and appeal. The show has a kind of knowing badness and is intentionally cheesy and politically incorrect. The actors perform their lines with a knowing wink at the audience, as if to say ‘yes we know this crude, rude, and lude’. The audiences at the recordings consist of primarily hillbillies who woof, howl and screech in delight at as much as Al flushing the toilet. It is infectious.

The cast and characters are good. Ed O’Neil is superb as Al Bundy. He makes the show as popular as it is. The facial expressions that he pulls and his delivery are hilarious. Whatever Al says or does, makes me laugh. Then there is his wife Peggy Bundy, the curviest woman alive and a hell of a milf. It’s another strange mystery of the show that all of a sudden in season 2, Peggy turned into the delightfully huge chested wife from hell audiences loved. It was a jarring change, sudden in your face jubblies. Katey Sagal is excellent as Peggy and she delivers the lines brilliantly. She can screech well too and every time she cries out ‘AL!’ and he flinches we know why. Then there are the kids. Every young Americans dream woman in the early 90’s, Christina Applegate who gets a deserved howl of male appreciation when she enters each episode. Then Bud Bundy the young loser who despite being the only Bundy with brains has no luck with the ladies, despite thinking he is god’s gift.

Basically this show revolves around sexism, innuendo and machismo. You see all the jokes coming a mile off. They have long running gags that never manage to get tired, such as Peggy’s constant jibes about Al’s sexual prowess. This is funny. It’s love it or hate it but I love it.

Review By: supertom-3 Rating: 10 Date: 2004-07-23
It just makes you feel so good…
It’s hard not to fall in love with this show. It’s not terribly deep, yet still there’s something about it. The main reason is because the characters are pretty entertaining:

* Al Bundy: politically incorrect, “sexist” (so to speak), bitter, he’s the lovable dad. But not lovable in the same sense Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson are lovable (fat, dumb & nice), Al is actually fit, fairly intelligence and rude at times. But that’s why we love him: he’s not rude because of a sinister intent, he’s rude because his life is screwed up enough to kill any desire he might have to be polite or diplomatic. And why wouldn’t he be so bitter? He’s in his 40’s, he’s a shoe salesman in a forsaken mall, his pay is next to nothing (worse yet, he gets paid in Pesos), he has a lazy, useless, nagging wife who always puts him down, a viciously stupid blonde daughter who’s promiscuous and nearly proud about it, his son is smart but he’s kinda short and is a miserable failure in his love life, yet the son is always confident in his abilities to get girls. Not only that, but he seems to have the worst luck in the world. He just can’t get a damn break. To top it all off, his neighbors annoy the hell out of him. Al is revered and loved by every guy on Earth, and loathed and feared by every woman.

* Peggy Bundy: enormous red hair, constantly-worn high heels (causing her to walk funny), super lazy, can’t cook, can’t do dishes, can’t do laundry, can’t do anything at all. Or doesn’t want to. Either way, her main hobby (other than sitting in front of the TV all day watching Opera and Soap Operas) is to put Al Down about his lousy job, laughable income, crappy car and miserable life. Al is always down on himself and fed up with life, so he doesn’t have time for her, thus she’s almost always in heat. But Al does not desire women anymore (well, not the ones who are married to him, at least), so he always finds ways to circumvent those requests of hers, even though Peggy *is* one helluva gal: sexy, fit and beautiful.

* Kelly Bundy: a legendary TV character, Kelly is worshiped by guys all over the world. She’s the epitome of sexiness: glaringly bright blonde hair that flows like a platinum-gold waterfall, a curvy, staggeringly sculpted body, creamy-white, silky skin, and killer legs, topping it all off with an angelically beautiful face of luscious red lips, dazzling white teeth with a cute little gap in the front and mesmerizing eyes. Kelly (played by Christina Applegate) is the dream of every guy, every age, any taste. Despite her physical credentials, she’s horribly stupid, to much of the agony of her dad, seeing how her idiocy comes at the worst possible times (she was a witness once for her dad). One of the reasons to watch the show. Of course, many other shows have had (and will continue to have) characters that might come close, but there will always be one Christiana Applegate. Those who saw Christina only in recent work (Anchorman, etc.) will be shocked to see how even MUCH sexier she was back then. Cracks non-stop jokes about her brother’s lousy love life and bad skin.

* Bud: cracks non-stop jokes at his sister’s promiscuity. He’d joke about her stupidity too, but doesn’t, knowing she won’t get them. Bud is pretty damn funny with sarcastic comments and endless trainwreck relationships.

The interaction of these characters, the situations they put themselves in, the crap that life throws at Al, all reasons to get addicted to the show. I still watch reruns and taped episodes.

The one big flaw of this show came later on: the audience. The laughter is alright, but they applauded EVERY character, EVERY episode. Every time a character walks in, they applaud. It’s a waste of time. First it was Al and Kelly (which is just fine by me, I still applaud them every time), then it extended to the rest of the family, THEN the neighbors (Steve and Marcy, then Marcy and D’arcy). It was pretty damn annoying. Another smaller annoyance is ‘talking’ for Buck the dog. WTF? The human characters are fine, thank you very much. But those are more annoyances than they are problems. Four words sum up this show: thoroughly enjoyable, hopelessly addictive. You’ll fall in love with this show in no time.

Review By: kitteh_harbls Rating: 9 Date: 2007-01-24

Other Information:

Rated TV-PG
Popularity 45.915
Original Language en
Original Title Married… with Children
Total Seasons 11
Released 05 Apr 1987
Runtime 22 min (262 episodes)
Release Year 1987–1997
Genre Comedy
Director N/A
Writer Ron Leavitt, Michael G. Moye
Actors Ed O’Neill, Katey Sagal, Amanda Bearse, Christina Applegate
Country USA
Awards Nominated for 7 Golden Globes. Another 7 wins & 22 nominations.
Production Company N/A
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix N/A
Aspect Ratio N/A
Camera N/A
Laboratory N/A
Film Length N/A
Negative Format N/A
Cinematographic Process N/A
Printed Film Format N/A

Married… with Children 1987 123movies
Married… with Children 1987 123movies
Married… with Children 1987 123movies
Married… with Children 1987 123movies
Married… with Children 1987 123movies
Married… with Children 1987 123movies
Married… with Children 1987 123movies
Married… with Children 1987 123movies
Original title Married... with Children
First air date Apr. 05, 1987
Last air date Jun. 09, 1997
Seasons 11
Episodes 258
Average Duration a:1:{i:0;i:22;} minutes

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